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Let it be known that I've only have 7 hours sleep by now, but LifeFest was the best event ever!!

I decided to attend this at the last minute, 7
m the previous day I sent a message asing if anybody needed a ride to Windsor with me.

Left Toronto at 8:45am sans passengers and picked Stargurl* up in London two hours later, burned rubber down to Windsor to arrive 1/2 hour late but that's okay cos the show wasn't on yet, they weren't even selling tix at the gate! We putteread around the Casino a little, got $30 tix at a place in town and settled down to wait...

It was hot as hell, but the people were enthusiastic and they let everybody in at 3:00 (3 hours late). Thus began the music...

The second stage had some decent stuff going on but it wasn't my cup of tea, a little trance, little techno, much jungle at the end of the evening but ultimately it was the Main stage which had everybody's attention.

Because they started late the setlists were all screwed up, Stickmen and Kenny Glasgow didn't show at all, niether did Derrick May, big dissapointment there, but everything else went a-ok.

People on the main stage:
Clark Warner hit it off with some wierd stuff, not very upbeat techno, and little or no mixing, it was track and track with simple crossfades in between, nice but *meh* not great.

Theorem (Dale Lawrence) had everybody confused, I guess becuase nobody knew who he was, he played exactly what I expected, downtempo, ambient clicks and clacks, headphone music really, but I was boogying all through it. Most people left for the small stage which had some hard techno/trance at the time. (I'm looking for his first album called "Nano" if anybody has it I'd like to buy it or *ahem* copy it pls

Himawari was a last minute addition to the stage, I didn't catch much of it because well... they were wierd, a japanese duo doing wierd techno music with the girl doing the vox and dancing/singing very much like Bjork,.

Gene Farris fucking rocked the house! Nobody expected it but he just hammered out the funkiest shit and was undoubtedly the best performance of the show! About halfway through his set it started raining but they didn't shut it down!! He kept playing while the setup guys covered everything and the crowd was going berserk! Shirts were off everywhere, stomping in puddles, conga lines, and Gene was egging us on with hands in the air and some BOMB tracks, he lit the place up. The rain stopped but nobody stopped pounding thier feet to his beats

Juan Atkins busted on next and at this point I too a brief break (Redbull without liquour number 5!) but came back for most of his set and he pouded out some funky funky stuff, I'd love a setlist. Gotta get that Massive Attack - Protection Remix he played.

Carl Craig played some wicked wicked tunes, not at all the wierder techno sounds I expected from him, he busted out the 70's disco tunes alongside the techno and it was beautiful.

Kevin Saunderson although I really wanted to see him didn't really do it for me, Inner City only had 45 minutes to do something becuase of the late start and so they sang a few songs and left the stage, bit of a dissapointment but the set was tight.

When Richie came on everybody left thier seats. I'm not sure how many people showed up but (probably about 3000, which is a shame for an AIDS benefit that cool) everybody was there for Richie Hawtin. He pounded out some wicked tunes, not one imperfection in his mixing and definately the crowd was for it even thought we'd all baked under the sun all day. Unfortunately I was really tired and we did leave before he finished (we couldn't find Dora and Brian to say g'bye

Anyways, the trip was wicked, but 4 hours driving each way took it's toll. Gotta love the food. The prices for water etc weren't too much, I think it was $4 for REV! The people there (especially the women!) were amazing, American ravers are pretty cool
Nobody very sketched out, and if there were drugs there we didn't see much of it. It's a cool place to hold a party and no doubt will be used as such in the future. I'm just glad that Jay, Aimee, Dora and Brian were there to keep company
Thanks guys!



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Ah yes, a most excellent day.

To Rob, Jay, Brian, Dora, Alex and Sabina; thanks for the company, rides, etc.


Our favorite mascot of the day.


Mmmm Richie Hawtin.


Hardcore dancing in the rain TBK massive.


The not-so-hardcore hiding under a tree instead of dancing in the rain massive.

More pics! http://www.sullen.org/lifefest


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Arriving at Lifefest around 5, we decided to grab dinner first and then head in. For an even this size (maybe 2000 people or so), I was surprised that there were no in and out privileges.

Just as we got in, there was a 10 minute downpour, but that didn't dampen our moods at all.

The set up was effective: there was so much room to walk around, plenty of tables and chairs to sit at, food, and vendors. Richie's mum was at the minus/plus8 booth. and I picked up some great stickers and minus/plus8 paraphenalia while there.

I caught bits and pieces of some delicious techno sets, the tail end of Innercity, and about the first half hour or so of Richie's set.

The crowd around the main stage increased a lot for his set: it was totally packed at the front. Richie was literally a metre or so behind the security gate, right up there with the crowd, compared to the other DJs who were at the back end of the stage.

The energy from the crowd during his set was phenomenal.

I hope this event went off as planned without any hitches. I had a great time and I hope there is a Lifefest next year...



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by stargurl*:


Our favorite mascot of the day.

I know the Pepper girl. Her name is Tanya, she attends the Univ. of Windsor.

That's all I had to share.


**i love the space they used. i played there 3 weeks ago. The sunset was nice to look at.**


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It's all about dancing in the rain baby!

Having never been to Windsor before, I was amazed at the venue. The waterfront was so majestic. If you avoid looking at the gawdy casino, you can look forever down the river, and Detroit actually has a very cool skyline! I love venues where you can see sunrise/sunset in full appreciation.

Given the publicity for this thing, I was really surprised by the poor turn out. There were a lot of people there from Detroit, but the crowd didn't really pick up until around the evening (around Carl Craig and Inner City). The Main Stage was packed by the time Richie went on, I guess that's the only one people came out to see.

The Second stage definitely had the vibe going, they had hardcore ravers dancing since 3pm, and that crowd just kept growing over the day. Needless to say, there was no grass left in the area in front of the trance/jungle stage by the end of the night (I checked!)

The Main stage was a huge confusion of set time changes etc. To the organizers' credit, a makeshift schedule was posted. This stage took forever to warm up. The crowd was sparse, and few were dancing (the horror!).

Theorem thoroughly blew me away. I wasn't expecting anything except that Rob really liked him. The crowd was shite, but his downtempo stuff really had me moving. No it wasn't high BPM of course, but it got the groove in me going, and I was dancing with happy feet!

I absolutely credit Gene Farris with single-handedly making LifeFest an incredible experience! Here's the scenario... The acts and set times had been shuffled a million times, a lot of the big acts had been cancelled, the main stage had fewer people than the second stage and it was dead...what do you do? Farris decided to take on the challenge head-on, laid down the best tracks he could come up with, old and new all mixed in. If they were hardcore, they were played. Farris had assembled the masses in front of him in 15 min. As if to counter him, the gods laid down some pouring rain, not the misty stuff either, the POURING rain. Farris responded by laying down harder and harder tracks, refusing to let the crowd have any down time, and they responded. They celebrated the rain, dancing like they had never before, splashing about with all the other strangers who were grinning from ear to ear.

The crowd was hyped! Juan Atkins took over, but the rain had stopped so but now it had simmered down a bit, but still a good vibe. I thought Carl Craig was terrible, especially given how excited the crowd was, he almost lost them completely. And by now, there were a lot more people who were just there to see Hawtin, so they grew impatient very quickly.

Inner City was fantastic. They got the crowd hyped back up to Farris' level. It has been ages since I've heard live vocals, and god does it ever sound good! And they went back, back to "Good Life"! Not only were my feet dancing, but my soul was revived! House is not dead!

Finally Hawtin came on. He was unpretentious, took command, and played an incredible 2 hours. Being the hometown favourite, the crowd had been anticipating. I had never heard him before, and you know what, his reputation is well deserved. He's not an ego-maniac, but with those skills, he could certainly act like one if he wanted to.
He flowed from one track to the next with seamless precision, effects dropped with the right pinache, and he took the crowd by storm. He even took care to shake everyone's hand after the set.

I had an amazing time! I wanted to see Derrick May so badly, but when Farris stepped up I barely missed him. And there's nothing better than hangin' with TBK massive, even when you're away from home! Thanks rob, jay (I hope the pic of you locked away in the cop car turns out!), aimee, and of course brian for an awesome time!
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