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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by kyfe, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member


    Ok so my wife being heavily involved in fashion, has always been a fan of Betsey so I grabbed us tickets for this event thinking hey it would be cool to see one of her fashion shows.

    We get there, the venue is excellent not much to add split into two rooms. The first room had death disco playing, I've never heard of these guys and it appears they brought them over all the way from the UK. Well I could have recommended any DJ I know in the city and saved the promoters ALOT of money. Generic, boring and lacked any presence their room was near empty all night. When your bangers consist of tracks that were played out last year you really shouldn't be taking that show on the road, I really hate seeing shit like this imported instead of using local talent.

    The second room was where the fashion show was going to be, they had scaffolding set up over the bar. Shortly after midnight, Bestey comes on the jumbo screens, said something that nobody could hear (I'm guessing along the lines of thanks for coming out, sorry I couldn't be there). Then the show begins, it was your typical show girls came out in different outfits did their strut, wash rinse repeat. The DJ in the second room was better than the first but still come on do you have to play I'm in Miami 2x's in an hour? As for the supermodel Dj AGYNESS DEYN, never saw her and I guess she came on after we left.

    Overall if this was a schmooze event, fine but basically it was all a bunch of little girls who love Betsey, It was like a high school prom.

    As for the promoters IF you cannot deliver someone at your party you shouldn't use them to sell tickets or make it very clear they will not be there because frankly this party was a waste of my time and I'm sure many others who were there just to see/meet the designer and watch her show. If I put Madonna DJ set on a flyer and Madonna gives me a CD to play and no shows I'm sure a lot of people would be very pissed off with me and rightfully so.

    This was a sad case of false advertising and I will never set foot in any promoters party that was associated directly with this event, Schwarzkopf product is not welcome in my home and how come you go through all this trouble and there is no swag when i leave that's just poor promo/PR.

    Either way the party sucked ass and the entire event was a bullshit so if you thought you missed out I hope I made your day.

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