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"I lie and I believe myself,
'cause the truth hurts more than anything else"
-10 foot pole

I don't get too hung up on it when someone lies to me. If someone lies and you know, how does that change anything. Whatever they're lying about has already been done. You just don't trust them as much anymore and get over yourself.
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Originally posted by R4V4G3D_SKU11S
How mad was she though?

It sounds like she just wants you to chill on the bass. Nothing to get too worked up about.


She's a bitch.
None of my roommates like her.
She's pretty mad and points fingers.
Yesturday she blamed jodi for something she didnt' even do and she wasn't there to defend herself.

even my roommates were trying to back me up. YOu can't get a word in when talking to her. she does want me to chill with the bass and i am going to do that now that i know it really bothers her but i never knew before. She said that she always came to talk to me which she didnt. that's a lie.

Lastnight my other roommate called security on roxann bc of her music which she was playing very loud after 11 and it's quiet hours after 11pm. She said she was doing it bc i was blaring my music. She never even came to talk to me about it. I dont know if my music is loud when im in my room and when i dont even feel the bass on teh floor. and if i was blaring my music it was so i wouldnt hear her jesus crap gosspal music.

im not going to explain myself anymore
she's a bitch adn that's that.

Hawk Eye

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Originally posted by squirrely
now stop lying liar.

Over the school year
since SEPTEMBER. 5 times isn't a lot when i have to live with her every day. I dont go home a lot.

I have told her many times as well to be quiet and i get yelled at.
i didn tknow it was my bass, i thought it was just bc it was loud. At the time of her coming to me, my music was loud. YOu can hear my bass when it's on very quietly also supposedly.

She hasn't come to me though this semester.

she used to tell me off at the beginning of the year and i couldn't believe she PHONED ME, she lis in the next room. My residence is an apartment style living conditions.

and now im getting more angry bc ppl i dont even know are calling me a liar so im going to drop it.
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The worst is being lied too about the littlest things. Things I wouldn't even care about if the truth was simply told.

Do I not deserve that little respect?



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Originally posted by Gizmo
I have a friend who bs's regularly. small things, but I always know. I still hang out with the individual, just don't really pay much credence to what they say. or just give the head nod when they're telling me something while it goes in one year and out the other.

a lot of people who do that actually believe the embellished version of their story- its really creepy

they also get really really defensive when you try to knock some sense into them because they desperately want to believe their wacked up version of the truth