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LF: X-Rays

Galactic Phantom

TRIBE Member
Have a busted foot? Random nail gun accident? Broken Collar bone?

Well if you have x-rays to prove it, I want them!!

I can't pay big money like the Oliver Jewlery guy, but I can immortialze this tramatic moment in your life the only way I know how to.

Seriously though drop me a PM & we can discuss this farther.
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I have an x-ray of a before and after of my jaw. Actually its an xray printed on normal paper. I'm sure I could get the original, but I probably would never need them.

It's dope, you can see 3 cool new titanum screws on each side. It was broken and repositioned... lost lots of weight then.

Ohh and in the new pic there is no wisdom teeth and my teeth are straight!
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They do make real x-rays in the hospital still. I have a real x-ray of a person with matastisis of cancer in the lung, so it is collapsed and has caused a deviation of the trachea and the heart is shifted to the center of the body. Let me know if you'd like it and we can work something out:D