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LF: Vestax or Pioneer Mixer


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I am looking for either a djm-300 or a Vestax PMC-270A, Vestax PCV 175.

If anyone has one available or anything decent by Vestax or Pioneer with a reasonable price, can you please email me the model and asking price to:

djpauze at rogers dot com or send me a pm?




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hey pauze, Docta Seuss has his Vestax Pmc-37 for sale which is also a great mixer. He also had a Xone 62 and xone 02 for sale as well. PM him and see what his latest prices are.


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Thanks guys,

I picked up a Vestax on Ebay on Friday for 93 bucks and picked it up in sauga!!! woop woop!!!

Brand new too, what a deal!