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LF: Van


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Im looking for someone who has a Van.

I need to pick up a bookshelf at Wellesly and Church to River & Gerrard.

Im willing to pay Gas money. Its a short drive and it wont even take an hour.

If anyone's free let me know.

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how long is your bookshelf ?
i have a ford explorer...back seats can be folded down.
let me know.


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its one of those Ikea bookshelf. I bought it to a buddy of mine to hold my records. He told me that it will fit in a regular size car if we can fold the sit. Let me know if ur available its not a far drive at all and not even an hour drive. I'll pay for ur gas.


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If you are unable to find someone, the Home Depot rents those big contractor vans. It is around $20 for an hour, and there is one at Gerrard Square.
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