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LF used record collections

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Any preferred genres or time periods? I've got loads of techno, trance, drum and bass from `1997 to 2002.


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I've also got quite a bit of techno house and some jungle that i'd be willing to part with. Imma go through my collection over the weekend. I'll let you know.


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I'd be interested in looking at any D&B, techno and house as well, send a list my way too please
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I am looking for classic house/dance, classic rock and pop and even fun stuff like 80's metal:) Not so much into D&B and techno.

DJ Chris Ryan

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i have about 40 crates of vinyl from record pools and my own purchases, mostly mainstream dance/house, r&B and Hip Hop from the 90's till about 2005 ish...way too many to list, if anyone is interested PM me.