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LF: Turntable case(s)


TRIBE Member
I'm looking for either 1 or 2 cases for my Tech's.

If it matches my Silver Krom Odyssey case then I just want one.

Here is what I would like to see but not required:
- Have a nice hand grip
- Be able to stack one on top of the other and wheel them away
- I like rounded corners
- Should be strong
- Should be able to put a lock on it

..in any case if you have any kind of case(s) send me a photo and a price to DJONE37 AT GMAIL DOT COM


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I have an Odyssey "chrome" one deck case..guessing retail bout a bill..pick it up and we'll call it 70 bucks..never used



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$70 bones is pretty pricey for a pre-owned case. I'll put it on the list and consider it though. Thanks.

Anyone else got a case(s)?
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Ok here's a bump:

I have one of these:
Oddysey Krom Silver

So if you got one and wanna sell it (I dont care the colour) hit me up!

Or if you got a different case(s) I might still be interested... but not as interested at if you have a somewhat matching case as mine.