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LF: Turntable and mixer


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I'm looking for a turntable and mixer to match with a Stanton STR8-30.....would prefer another 30 and a lower-end mixer, as this is going to be a learner's set. If you've got something available or comparable (and in good shape), let me know the details and your asking price. Thx!


toronticatalks at hotmail dot calm

docta seuss

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you should never go cheap, particularly with the mixer. you're just asking for frustration, and you won't be able to mix or scratch nearly as effectively with lower-level stuff.

i made the mistake of starting out with shite equipment. biggest waste of cash.


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Be patient and save for a pair of 1200's, you will be glad you did. For xmas It was a numark starter pack for my gf (brand new) with mixer headphones blah blah, but i thought how frustrating it was to play on crappy gear and found 2 used 1200's for $600. Mind you they look "used" , but they work perfect. Keep looking around on this board, they come up all the time. You can always go for a cheaper mixer and upgrade later.



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Originally posted by B.Effy
Interesting. What kind of functional differences am I going to see if I go with cheaper gear?

functionally there is no difference... they all do the same thing.. but better gear means, better sound quality, sturdy turntable platter, better pitch control, will last longer and take more abuse and higher resale value.

hell, you can buy used 1200's right now for $500 each, and sell them 5 years from now for $500 each!


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trust me man, other shit just feels like a cheap toy compared to a tech 12. When you feel the difference, you'll know what I mean.


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Sounds like the opinion is pretty universal. Thanks for the input, everyone....time to start looking for some tech-12s.


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I agree, I did the same mistake my first decks were Stanton Str-100's sure they had alot of add-ons, but trust me nothing feels and is as sturdy as 1200's.

you can go a bit cheap on the mixer and than upgrade, but get 1200's.

spAce cAdette

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Buy my Techs (silver 1200 Mk2)

I bought them on here 5 years ago for $1150/pair. I'm selling them for $1000. They're in great condition and will still be in great condition 10 years from now.