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LF: TOOL Tickets

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
I slept in this morning and wasn't able to get myself TOOL Tickets...

if you or know someone who has a pair to sell...

I'm your buyer...

hit me up

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TRIBE Promoter
good luck Wes... I'm hunting for some too.

I was online right at 10am and there was none available so don't beat yourself over sleeping in.

fucking bastards.

I need tickets.

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Im even part of the toolarmy and they didn't have any pre-sales...

pre-sales were only through the Hummingbird Centre... I guess its good to be in the "circle of friends"

I'm going to get some...

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TRIBE Member
same tried exactly at 10am aswell, couldnt even score one.
damn scalpers and their purchase programs..anyhow whats everyone think of the new album?


TRIBE Member
I wouldn't sweat it. I'm pretty sure this is a warmup tour, where they'll play mostly their new album. They should be back fall I'm hoping at a larger venue.


TRIBE Member
There's no way I could miss this one at such an intimate venue... I've seen them 5 times already, but I'm sure this one will top them all... So yeah, I paid the $500 for a pair on ebay... most of the auctions are done now and I doubt there will be many scalpers out front the night of because there's thousands of people who would like to see this and are planning on getting scalper tix... I'd say the best bet is to suck it up and bid on ebay if you really want to go.


TRIBE Member
I was on at 10am as well and no luck...I heard they all went to the pre-sale and scalpers. If anyone has extra, I'm 3rd in line!!!
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