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LF: Temp/Permanent Place for Rent/Roommate


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Hi there,
I am looking for a place to move for July 1st.
If you know anyone that may have a place/room available or people looking for a professional to share a place with, please kindly pm me.

I am:
1) Professional
2) Responsible, considerate, respectful, cheerful, positive and independent
3) Conscious about health and overall physical and mental well beings aka I keep my place clean and hope to share a place with the same
4) Love music and into deephouse, jazz and deep techno, occassionally go dancing, but dislike partying at my place
5) Passionate about creating art and respects those that are doing their things.
6) Environmentally conscious-I prefer to live those that have the same philosophy and values on this...
7) Non-smoker/occassional drinker (rarely at home..maybe a 1/2 glass of wine during cooking)
8) Loves foods, flowers, pots of organic herbs and such. not a pot smoker

Looking for:
1) a place that is TTC accessible
2) mature, respectful, considerate and kind hearted people or a nice flat closed to TTC

I hope I will encounter a good soul to share my blessings with this time around :)

Thanks for checking out my thread.


dj Red Turtle

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Hi Kumi, I have a friend that lives in the Danforth Coxwell area. Its in a house with 4 bedrooms. You will be sharing with 3 professional woman. If you are interested please pm me and I'll send you their contact info.


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Hi there.

Thank you very much for those that pmed me. It was very kind of you :)

I also wanted to add:
3) A place closed to the University/Yonge lines or closed to Yonge & Bloor area.
I commute all the way to shepard-->don mills--bus-->markham for work everyday that takes up 3 hrs of my day..I do not mind it, I can read cooking books and stuff, but I do not think it would be a good idea to travel much longer than I have already been....