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LF: Technics Headshell


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Just wondering if anyone in tribeland has a Technics headshell that they would like to sell or trade me.

The headshell I'm looking for looks like this:


If you have the wires as well that would be a bonus. I'm looking for the real thing not an imitation one.

Let me know your price if it is for sale.

If you are looking to trade, I am offering an Ortofon Concord Pro without the needle. It is practically brand new as it was bought last month. Comes with the box. Any Ortofon stylus you buy can fit on it's end. (although not necessarily recommended by the manufacturer) :D


Send me a PM or email at: s o l a c e v i p a t g m a i l d o t c o m
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Dude: who cares if it says Technics? Just head to Moog or Metro Sound and grab a headshell.
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