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LF: Someone to repair my Behringer B2031A Studio Monitor


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Go figure, the only authorized Behringer service outlet is in Owen Sound - with shipping, it's going to cost me about the same to have Taylor Electronic repair it, as it would to replace the unit outright.

The tweeter's gone kaput - evidently, it's not an uncommon problem and barring the tweeter itself being blown, requires a $12 part and a soldering kit to repair:

No sound from tweeter (Behringer B2031A) - Gearslutz.com

I have it listed on CL and Kijiji for $50 OBO, figuring some electrical wiz will make a short-work project out of it, but the reality is that I'd much rather have it repaired than go out and buy a new one.

Any of you production-type-peeeps know someone in town who's competent and trustworthy, with a reasonable turnaround time, who'd be able to help me out with this? Or do I have a 35-lb paperweight on my hands?