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LF: Someone to play Photoshop Tennis with!!

Galactic Phantom

TRIBE Member
Overview of the game:
- a picture is chosen by player 1 & 2
- player 1 alters the picture with a new layer sends to player 2
- player 2 alters the picture with a new layer sends back to player 1
- etc

I will host the pictures & there will be a 3rd party to judge who won the game.

Anyone interested in playing, PM me.
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Ah, I'd love to play but my photochop skills are at the lowest they've been in about five years. I don't think I even have photochop on my computer at home.

TaCk OnE?

TRIBE Member
I would play, but I never have the time....

work in a studio all day, and then freelance bullshit gets me down nearly every night....at the end of the day, I usually want to run from photoshop, indesign, illustrator, printers, files, computers, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.