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LF: Shared accommodation (June to Nov?)


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Hi Guys,

My housing situation is expiring soon and I am planning on buying a house at the end of this year.

SO, I am looking for a semi-temporary shared accommodation from April,May or June till Novemberish.

I would like to spend $500-$600 and would require a parking spot. (If it's extra then that is fine)

I am a mature non-smoking professional

Please email me: poet_aster at hotmail dot com

Cheers. Adam.


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i have a place avail in Maple for $800. very nice place, but 25 min drive from downtown

satelite tv (NFL package, NHL package)
cable internet
all utils included


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Looking for someone to take my place from June til the end of August here at this apartment if you're not able to find something sooner. $600/month

There's a thread in this forum.