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LF: Shared Accommodation - Downtown

The Kid

TRIBE Member
So just putting the word out that I'm moving at the end of this month and I'm looking for a place to move into for April 1st. A bit about me... I work Mon-Friday (so at least you know I'm employed!) in the Dundas and University vicinity so ideally I'm looking for a place that's right downtown as I like to bike to work when it's nice out. As a roommate I'm pretty easy going, bit of a clean freak but not annoyingly so (at least that's what I tell myself) and can get along with most anyone. My hours will be pretty crazy during the week so don't expect me to be around much... when at home I like to relax, with likeminded types... cooking is becoming a new hobby so if you can stomach it I often cook for my roommates. I do have a bit of furniture I wouldn't mind bringing with me, nothing crazy but a couch, chair, coffee table, etc. Would really appreciate if anyone knows anyone looking to share their place, please just shoot me a pm.

Also if anyone has suggestions for places to look other than the usual suspects (viewit.ca, craigslist, torontostar, etc.) please feel free to post 'em, could help others out too!


Le Kid
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

glych t.anomaly

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id live with you hoser, but already got myself some sweet digs, where were you last fall???

to all who think about living with this guy, do it, hes like tv in real life !



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I lived with the KId, let it be known that your house will shine with his cleanliness and sparkle from his glowing personality.......
Anyway, good guy to live with and respectful of those around him.....