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LF: Room for 4 - 6 weeks starting week of Oct 11

Sunshyne Jones

TRIBE Member
Got a friend coming to Toronto for 6 weeks total, on an internship. Looking for room to rent at very reasonable rate as it's an internship and so they'll make him work hard for little pay.

He's a great guy, very friendly, very cool -- would have him stay at my place but we've got no room for him, so I'm helping him find a place to hang his hat. He'll arrive here on Tuesday Oct 11th and couch surf with us till he finds a place.

Thought I'd post here to see if anyone has a room they're looking to rent, to some extra cash.

The stay in Toronto won't go over, as the next stage of the internship is in BC.



Sunshyne Jones

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Sunshyne Jones
to some extra cash.
"to some extra cash"? what the heck does that mean?

i meant to get some extra cash, you know, like, leading up to the holidays etc.

aaaaaaaaaanyway, you catch my meaning. :)