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LF: Ragga breaks!


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Absolutely love them.

Anyone wanna suggest me a track or mix?

The only track that I know the title is,

Once Upon A Time
Dreadzone remixed by Brothers Bud


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Great. I'm listening to breakbeat and I can't figure out what's the name of the track, because the webpage is saying something different from the radio station.

Murderrrrr Rooyyyyyy

Is it?

A) " You Really Got Me (Kinky Sly Breaks Remix) "
The Kinks


B) " Forget About Dread (Cut N Run) "


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Unknown - Another Homicide
Aquasky vs. Masterblaster feat. Ragga Twins - Loko
Circuit Breaker feat. Daddy Fresh - Legalize It
Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - Party Skank
S.C.A.M. - Killer
S.C.A.M. - Put Your Hands Up
Unknown - On The Ragga Tip
General Midi - Entertainer
Stanton Warriors - Slanty
Olav Basoski feat. Michie One - Waterman (Friendly Remix)
2 In Da Bush - Nutty Drumstick (Matt Cantor's Remix)

Just to get you started.

Sal De Ban

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GOO!! Breaks room is open again - sweet! I'm not promising to stop thread crapping in other rooms altogether....just curb it a little.:)