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LF: Motorola Razr or Kyocera Slider


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So yeah, I smashed my cellphone while throwing a shopping cart over a fence last weekend. I've been using my old cellphone, but it's not in the greatest shape either.

I'd like to buy a new phone, but don't want to spend $150 to get it from Rogers.

If anyone has a new or used (in good shape) Motorola Razr (any colour except pink) or Kyocera Slider, I'd like to buy it.

PM me or email reflex at fastmail dot ca
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LOL shopping carts rock.. I remember stealing one and putting it on the lawn of my buddy's parents' house :) (he lived there too).... good times


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Bumbaclat said:
do you earn cash like Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys?

No, just the admiration of my drunken friends and fellow cart-shotputters (aka cartputters).

I set a new standard by managing to have one cart snag on the chain link, thereby hanging precariously off the top of the fence. :cool:
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