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LF--Magic the Gathering

the wiz

TRIBE Member
I recently got back into playing Magic, and was wondering if any tribers have MTG collections that they would be willing to sell?

I am not a serious player......just a few games with my wife once in a while.

Hoping to find some cards so I can add to my decks.

I'm sure someone out there has a dusty shoebox they they might be willing to let go.....fingers crossed.

Please answer on this thread, or send me a PM.


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the wiz

TRIBE Member
Even if you yourself did not play with Magic cards, maybe you could think of any of your friends or relatives who did play.... Thanks :)


TRIBE Member
i do have a dusty shoebox i am willing to part with, but you'll have to come to Hamilton to get it.

the wiz

TRIBE Member
When did you start collecting Magic?

I'm curious what editions the cards are from?

Right on dude, I have an Aunt in the Hammer.

I will PM you next time I'm planning to head out that way, and maybe we can set up a meeting.

Let me know what you would want for that shoebox full of Magic.


the wiz

TRIBE Member
If you wish to reach me by email regarding Magic cards, you can reach me at:

ahodancingfrog at gmail dot com
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TRIBE Member
Talked to buddy on Friday, he is going to see what he has; I think he mentioned something about "ice decks" or something along those lines.

Unfortunately we forgot to exchange contact info and I won't see him again till Friday.


the wiz

TRIBE Member
Thats great Jay. I think your friend may have been talking about the "Ice Age" expansion set which came out in the mid 1990's......sounds good......I can use those cards....I look forward to hearing more about what he's got.