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LF: Loft/Studio For August 1st


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I am looking for a loft for two people to live in for aug 1st. Any leads or ideas where I should look would be appreciated.

If possible from $1200.00 range with utilities would be great. I know its tight but its worth a shot.




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You've got to be fucking joking me.

It's not only 'tight' it's a pipe dream. I had a very cheap loft in London, Ontario and the two bedrooms in my buidling were even more than that. I was in a three and we paid 1400 + utilities.



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actually there are quite a few lofts/studios both in the west and east end that you could squeeze 2 people in , that are priced at the $1200 range.

I reccommend just checking out craigslist and the commercial side of viewit.ca


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I'm moving out of a loft at King and Portland but for the very reason that its small for two peeps!
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