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LF: Local (Toronto/GTA) artist/painter


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I am starting a business venture and need the assistance of an artist.

What I am in need of specifically is either an existing painting (that has not had copies printed of it), or a brand new piece that has yet to be created.

Requirements of the painting:
- Must be somewhat large (at least 18 inches x 18 inches)
- Format does not really matter (ie: pastels, watercolour, acrylic)
- Should preferably be close to squarish in size
- Must be very colourful and use a wide pallete
- The painting must evoke a "postitive" image (ie: I don't want a war scene)
- The image can be of "something" or an abstract, but it must not be plain

Sorry for being quite specific, but I need a certain type of painting in order for this project to work.

There are two options for payment which we can work out in private once I have decided on a painting:

1) I buy the painting from you directly for one-time fee (immediate payment)
2) We work out a commission payment based on sales (more potential)

In addition, should the project work out as planned, the main benefit to the artist will be wide exposure. It is a low risk venture (not much to lose), but the potential benefits are great.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me at: buysell@thechapmangroup.ca

If you have pictures of existing paintings, or a link to an online gallery, then that would be greatly appreciated as it would assist me in determining if the painting is a suitable choice.

- Ian