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LF: Good strong WiFi antenna

sheik rock

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I just moved into a new apartment and would like to...borrow some internet till I get around to hooking mine up.

The built in WiFi in my laptop can see a few unsecured networks, but they are all only at one or two bars of strength and frequently drop the signal.

Are there any external antennas that are noticably better?

I'm sure if I got 802.11g or something it would be stronger, but I don't think it's likely that someone who leaves their network unsecured would have anything other than the most basic router.
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There are wireless routers that can be put into client mode as well - which turns it into a big wifi reciever.


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It is very unlikely that your laptop has a port available to connect an external antenna.. Only a few of the premium brands support them directly on the card (Cisco, Orinoco).

However, you can probably hook one up to your router by unscrewing one of the rubber dipole antennae. If you make your own as mentioned above, make sure that you buy the correct connector for your router.
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have you tried to hook it up through your router....

you would unscrew one of the antennaes and hook it up with what connector...

i would love to try this as well