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LF: 23 - 32 inch LCD TV


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I know this is a longshot, but if anyone is looking to sell (or knows where to get a good deal on) an LCD TV, let me know. I am looking for sizes in the 23 - 32 inch range.

I don't need the best picture quality, as it is just for the bedroom. I would consider a used one as long as it is a brand name unit.

- Ian


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Originally posted by g0nz0
costco has a viewsonic that aint too bad. i think its a 27inch for 800$
Thanks for the post. Yes, I am aware of that one. It is $849. They also have Daytek 26 inch for the same price.

I am a little weary of the "no-name" factor. The Viewsonic gets an "OK" review, but there are apparently a LOT of problems and/or missing features. In other words, if you want to just watch regular TV, it is OK, but hooking up mulitple sources, etc can lead to frustration (ie: to change inputs, you have to cycle through all 10 inputs to get there). The Daytek is getting good reviews, except for regular TV usage (ie: what I would use it for).

Dr. Grinch

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I bought my 30" through Dell. It's actually a rebranded LG. No complaints really. I had a power surge that cooked it (it's on a UPS now) and they shipped me one the next day as a replacement. Good service.