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LF: 2 Bdrm downtown, March 1


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the place we had fell through due to a landlord miscommunication :(

we're pretty screwed unless we find a place. we need a 1 or 2 bedroom for $1000 or less.

we have a dog too btw.
man, this totally blows... those lists were among the best on the net and nobody wants to rent to us because we have a dog. our freind's landlord (who kicked him out over a miscommunication, thinking he had given notice when he hadn't) has really screwed us over. i don't even know if we're going to be able to find a place at all at this point...

Sorry to hear that Dylan. Its tough finding a place that allow dogs. I know my building allow dogs but for a one bedroom its about $1150.
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Do you still not have a place? :O) Why don't you move into a sublet while finding a suitable place? Best bet is to also walk around neighbourhoods to see for lease signs although for March 1st anything decent would be taken I bet. I know finding a place that allows dogs isn't easy. You might have to bite the bullet & look outside the downtown core. Good luck to you & nunich. Too bad you have a dog you could have moved into our house & we wouldn't worry about having a douchebag neighbour that complains about our cats running up & down the stairs because he's too stressed out to handle anything.
friend of mine is in the exact same situation.. gotta move by march 1. except he dont have a dog. u can also try roommates.com or easyroommate.com
good luck.

we now live above the rice bar at college and augusta! beautiful, clean, prime location, central air, jacuzzi...

we're celebrating tonight, let me tell ya! we almost had to move into one of those big scary complexes in jamestown... the landlord there was even warning us to look the other way if we see a shooting or anything... yikes!
As a property proprietor it's my understanding that refusing pets is entirely illegal; I would only have recourse after-the-fact if the animal was posing a threat or causing damage...just for future reference :) Congrats!
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From the Tenant Protection Act:

A landlord may evict a tenant for keeping an animal if it:

caused undue damage,
caused a serious allergic reaction in another person or the landlord,
interfered with the normal enjoyment of the property by another tenant or the landlord, for example, causing undue noise,
acted aggressively to others – thus affecting their safety, or
is a species or breed of animal that is inherently dangerous

Otherwise, refusal is breakin' the law
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