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Let's talk about pants.

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you people are all freaks.

i have really only one pair of pants in the primary social rotation, and 2 in the secondary rotation.

3 pairs of work pants (haggar - ulitmate pant).

several pairs of former pants that are now clam diggers.

i've bought the same pair of black army surplus cargos like 6 times in a row. when they wear out i cut the bottoms off and make them into clam diggers.

Temper Tantrum

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PANTS wonderful pants. I own faaaaarrrrrrr to many. At least count 10 pairs of jeans, 3 khaki pants, 1 pair dress black, 1 pair 'clubby' black, one pair of grey pants, one pair of blue, two chords...Sigh. And this is just pants that FIT.

Ones I wear on a regular basis I'd say about 7 or 8

Miss Sixty is soooooooo where it's at. I love how those jeans fit me.

Kitchen Orange pants are nice to, if a bit too big.


Hawk Eye

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I own a few. Probably about 7 or so.

I'm stopping in buying the big pants though.

I will keep my two fictions that i own and like the conversation is above i want to buy 3/4 length.

I like managers. They're comfortable.

They're my "girlie" jeans.

I'm doing spring cleaning right now. Right beside my bedroom door are mounds of clothes. I probably have 5 pants now bc some of the other pants i owned i hate and they are ugly and i dont know why i bought them in the first place.

The store on queen and spadina (Alias) did you check there for 3/4 length?? bc i know last year they had some in stock and i wish i bought them but i wasn't looking for that style.
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I love my pants, and my pants love me. My favourite pants NEVER feel the harsh sting of the dryer. I wear my pants in good service until the poor fellas fall apart on me.

My pants LOVE my ass. Always.. sometimes I hide it in underpants, just to tease them.

I find it hard to find pants I really like, so when I see them I'm all over them.

I love my Kikwear denims, my big FDCO phat cords.. ahh pants.. and their love for my ass and terrycloth shirts.


I think my pants are trying to say something right now.. tightening.. tightening..


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BTW I have about 8 pairs of pants I wear regularily, since I know you were all DYING to hear it.


I like the way my pants hug me tight when I think of that special someone.. :D

Hawk Eye

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My two fictions are my baby's

I treat them so well. I've had them since the summer and they have not once touch the dryer.

I went back to alias after i bought my first pair and there was a 30% sale so i could'nt resist.

My favourite are the navy blue FDCO pants.

I have black that aren't has big and it says 416 fdco in small writing.

but i hate the customer service at alias.

the ppl that work there are assholes and not to mention rude!


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i also need some more pants...

i have enough but they are all raver phat pants, and i dont like them anymore
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Pants, Pants & More Pants!

i got my pair from west coast last year in eaton centre....maybe they have more?

they go great with sporty sandals or slides.

Vinder ... you do worry me! Read the comment above & think about it for a wee while!

Hope your exam went wicked darling ... you will make a terrific fashion designer! <smile> he he he

Thanks for the pressie last night you guys are the best!

As for me & pants! I have an overall shopping addiction, problem, whatever! Tops, pants etc .. problem is I always buy everything seperate so very rarely does anything match .. then I have to go & buy more!

Mingster .. i'm with you on this one!

Linzee xx


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Originally posted by trinitydub
I am not wearing pants.

Neither am I. Gettin' dressed for work.

Skinny jeans that flare slightly at the bottom have been a fascination for me lately.

MEL! WHATCHOO spending $170 on pants? WHOA!
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Originally posted by swenard
I think I own 2 pairs of pants that fit! Since I quit smoking, I put on like 20lbs. Now, I don't want to go buy new pants until I lose weight.But, I keep smokin alot of weed to make up for the lack of cigarettes. Which gives me the munchies, and all I do is eat. So, I'm destined to be a naked fat guy.

we should go out. the same thing has happened to me:(

so many good pairs of pants (and skirts) in my closet, but alas they don't fit.

:)sarah<---sad about her fashion situation
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I love pants too!!!!!! i have about 16 pairs, and still growing, i usually buy a pair every pay check so no worries, you are in the same boat as me:p


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When mingster was little, her dollies were ONLY allowed to wear pants.


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oh gawd! i love clothes period! :D id have to say i have around the 40 mark! i have so many clothes! but i need more..........im sick of mine :D



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Counting off the top of my head, I have I believe 47 pairs of pants.

I have a jean problem, a big, big jean problem.
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