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Lets talk about furnaces and heat


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It's was a miserable 14 degrees in my home today. The furnace can't keep up. It's a lousy natural gas device that's outside on the top of the roof. It drives me nuts because my roommate's bedrooms rooms are all nice and cozy on the second floor. All other areas of the house are an icebox.

Who puts a furnace on the roof? Is that not retarded?
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our piece of shit broke down from 10am sat until the guy showed up sunday at 1:30pm,, it was fucking cold!!! the ignitor switch went on it, there's no pilot button


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I miss my Dad's oil heater as a kid. That thing never broke down and it was always warm. Every other heater since then in every other house has been total shit. Gas forced air, gas boiler, electric, blah blah blah... shit!

It's now 17 degrees in the home today. I've decided I'm moving because I can't stand another year in this shitty, horrible, poorly-built townhouse.

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eheat.com or dyson to the rescue. eheat is much cheaper and looks just as nice but different.