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Lets hear next Year's Booking Request...

The Kid

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Someone bring back Terrence Parker!!!!!!!!

I know this is the techno room and I don't care so fuckoff!!!


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gsnuff said:
Actually, I just noticed that after I posted. I just heard some previews this week.. so-so.

I want a full length from each of those cats!
(From the Mutek mailing list newsletter, w/ other pretty amazing news with it)

Of course, the quality product won't stop there. In the coming year, the reinvigorated Musique Risquée will issue a series of exciting 12-inches. First up is the lead single off Guillaume's "Face à L'Est", "Les Gans", featuring a stellar Audio Werner remix on the B-side. Always eager to break new ground, the label will then drop a single by up-and-coming Toronto producer Knowing Looks (Jason Hopfner). Next, the reissue of Akufen's rare 2005 remix of Les Georges Leningrad's "Supa Doopa", remastered and repressed with the DJ's needs in mind. Musique Risquée will also release a series of singles under the "Roots and Wires" moniker, an undertaking spearheaded by world-class dub-techno wunderkind Deadbeat. Each edition in this series will feature one side for the techno-heads and one side for the dubsteppers. The label's album output will continue with a new collaborative effort by San Francisco glitch-dubbists Sutekh and Kit Clayton under the name of Pigeon Funk. And, of course, once it's finished we'll be releasing the Akufen album, the long-awaited follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2002 full-length "My Way".



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Their Pigeon Funk stuff is great. I've got it all and still play the first one from way back in 01-02??