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Lessons, Clubs and Fun Stuff


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So I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding Sailing Lessons, Canoeing or Rowing Clubs. I really want to be involved in something like this this summer. I eventually want to own a sailboat so sailing would be great but canoeing and rowing really interests me as well. Basically anything involving water. Even if it is volunteer... Thanks.
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I think I am jowing a rowing team in the spring, one of my co-worker's husband is an instructor she is trying to recruit me so I think I am going to give it a shot, not looking forward to the 5:30am wake ups *shudder*

I will try to get more info and send it your way.


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I used to teach sailing at a club called Harbourside, but it is now called "Queen's Quay Yachting" it is right down in harbourfront centre at the foot of Rees St. Great little club that caters to beginners and people who don't own boats. Probably going to be the cheapest as well.

other toronto sailing clubs (probably all have websites):
Humber College
Boulevard Club
Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club
Island Yacht Club
Ashbridges Bay
Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Queen's City Yacht Club
National Yacht Club

i don't know all the ones in the east end of the harbour so i've probably missed some there....
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Originally posted by chernobyl
one warning: rowing = early morning practices, really early.

yeah thats the only thing I like sleeping in too plus I dont drive - that may be a problem - I would prefer something after work and on weekends

Thanks guys for all your help :D
Can't wait for the summer!!