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Lenovo discount code/s?


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I seem to recall someone having access to Lenovo corporate discount codes due to being employed by them or purchasing large numbers of computers from them.

Would you please be willing to share them to me via PM?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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That would have likely been me. Since I'm no longer employed there go nuts... the link is below and the passcode is IBMEPP

Lenovo EPP Site

Speaking of which I saw a guy here with one of the newer model Thinkpads, it was super slim (think Ultrabook) and it had a touch screen for Windows 8. Pretty sure it was the X1 Carbon Touch, super nice machine.


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Thanks man! My gf is on the hunt for a new laptop and I've told her it's Lenovo or don't talk to me if she wants my advice. Haha.