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Len Faki


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The night was crisp, we herded up the stairs to Nest.

I really like the layout. It did get a bit crowded, not really a lot of space to dance unless you were up against the speakers. Thank goodness I had some flimsy earplugs.

Bar service was pretty decent, didn't have to wait too long.

I think when we walked in, Greg Gow was playing. I actually have no idea as it was so dark and unfamiliar with the line up.

Len Faki was actually ok. I would say it was mostly tech house. zzzzz. I wanted to hear some of his classic tracks. I know Scuba has played here before and Wilk has bitched about him not playing his "new stuff". whatever. I wanted to hear death by house or something I knew.

I finally got to hear real RAW TECHNO POWER - AFTER Len Faki was off the decks.

Could not tear myself away from the dancefloor, few of my friends left to go home. BYEEE.

Measure Divide could have been the dj - I have no clue.
If this is the case, we as Toronto are damn lucky to have an artist from Nachtstrom-Schallplatten.
Patrick DSP is on the label too, but we lost him a while ago nor was he ever appreciated as a dj here.

I HAD A GREAT NIGHT OF TECHNO! So nice to get a satisfying fill.
I danced so hard that I injured my leg. Crossfit is safer than 5 hours of dancefloor madness. Much needed hot water bath.

In conclusion: Toronto Locals are better than international headliners.

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Sounded like fun. I still think It's along way off though from bringing more ravers in, and not being an MMA muscle event.

The nest. OR whatever it is now. :)


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Douchebag techno is the new techno

No love anymore, everyone's watching Family Feud on TV. Makes me real sad. man.
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Along the same vibes, if the whitelabel dudes brought UMEK to nest, I'll be there in 2 seconds. I think they could really jam that place with this sort of shit.

hard party rocking techno