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lemme start one of them "yay its weekend" threads....


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.... cause im gonna PARTY this one like 'twas 1969 (sex, drugs, booze and sex).

first, glaude on a friday !!!!!

after that i have no ieda whats gonna happen cause i have first aid training both sat and sun morning, but i know for sure sat morining will be VERY interesting. why? well, training starts @ 8 am and ill be back home around that time. so quick shower, some coffee and sunglasses to hide my eyes.

goddamn imma party hard this friday night !!!!!!!
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thurs- spin class followed by sushi w/ friends
fri- up to uxbridge to visit friend
sat- Krivit @ 99---- Looking forward to some deep deep goodness
sunday- making sure my couch doesn't float away


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Tonight - Movie premiere (Rhinocerous Eyes), Okonokonomi House, and finally getting my computer back.

Tomorrow - Disco D biznatches. Pop-o-zao! Pop-o-zao!

Friday - Don't know yet, maybe catch up on some TV.

Saturday - Pacific Mall, then yet another b-day party, this time at the Social.

Sunday - gym, getting an oil change if I'm ambitious.
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Thurs:testing all day then check out sublets
Fri: thesis fun!
Sat: Fort Erie
Sun: thesis fun!
I haven't come close to going out since before Christmas. :(


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I am sooooooooo excited for this weekend:

Thursday: Some fun errand running to get ready for our weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend

Friday: Booked the day off work - woot woot. Treating myself to a pedicure at the King Eddie spa, then we're headed to Niagara for our little weekend getaway to Inn on the Twenty.

Friday pm: Romantic little picnic dins in our suite in front of the fireplace (read: wine, cheese, baguette & assorted other goodies.) I expect that lots of smooching will follow, and if not, I will demand it.

Saturday: A little breakie, then off to a one hour massage (oooooh yeah!) followed by wine tasting.

Saturday pm: Dinner at On the Twenty -- doing the tasting menu. Very excited.

Sunday: Sleep in, enjoy breakfast, and eventually make our way back to Toronto.

:) :) :)
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tonight: korean dinner party

tomorrow: fighting sukebe jiji outside a firken for kingship of the world

friday: sending kmac and mofo inane text messages from bed

sat: Oliver's birthday party supreme

sunday: and on that day, he did rest.


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tongiht: playing @ Beba
Thursday - nothing
Saturday - GALLERY!!!!!


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friday ~ greek dinner then probably a movie
saturday ~ visit the family in sauga
sunday ~ hopefully snowboarding with a heckler :p *prays for good weather*


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plan 2 presentations and write a 3 page artist research paper.. not a big deal. start and finish a new painting.

not much partying going down this weekend


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Tonight and Tomorrow - Continue House-Sitting, Watch out for Evil Cat

Friday - Dinner, Dinner and a Party

Saturday - Canada in Blooms in the day, anything is possible at night!

Sunday - Raptors Game (My first experience at an NBA Game!)

Looking forward to the kick ass weather coming our way - SPRING FEVER!
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thursday - going to see a friends accoustic set at holy joes
friday - gym..then who knows?
saturday - was supposed to see billy bragg but that isnt happening anymore - might road trip it to mount forest(although i have no idea where this is) to see dallas green
sunday - smoke weed...watch movies...laundry...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Friday - dental appointment then probably painkillers and an early night
Saturday - 9am class, then an open bar birthday party (at least I think it's open bar) possibly followed by a venture with the gay boys to fly
Sunday - totally depends on what I get up to Sat night


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tonight: going to a viewing of The Hour with George S (woooo!) and then din dins with the girls

tommorow:hella nothing but loads of schoolwork

friday:taking out my friend for a day early birthday treat which will be a movie and rockaberry awesomeness

saturday: earlymorning shopping, schoolwork and birthday glam night at globe

sunday: library all day long
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Friday - maybe go see Block Party
Saturday - spring cleaning the house, I hope it's warm enough to keep the windows open. Then dinner with my folks
Sunday - maybe record a mix, put some content up on a website, learn about taxes and small business.

nuttin too excitin


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the_fornicator said:
I got nuttin planned... like at all.

trying to focus on the funds. saving up for a mugen lip kit.

Lol I was channelling your nuttin/nothing while writing my post


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Friday nite - grocery shopping and DVD hunting

Saturday - photgraphy day (one roll colour, one roll B&W)because it's s'posed to be nice and I wanna build a sand castle at the beach

Sunday - sleep, eat, smoke spliffs, sleep, watch DVD then....dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun.......muthafuckin SOPRANOS!!!!!


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Friday - MEETING ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION at their show then being dragged by my new "boyfriend" to the Guv

Saturday - party shenanigans where I'll try my best not to be such a yenta

Sunday - I'd like to go to T&T Supermarket again and get sliced rib eye for my homemade pho and a pound of meat floss
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