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Legowelt live @Zen


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What a GREAT party.

Dirty brown crew....EW, you guys did a fantastic job. really. The decor at Zen was wicked. I really liked the underwear hanging all over the place, and the art displays were amazing.

Legowelt..............WOW!! This was just an incredible set. The stuff that came out of this guy's hardware was just SICK! I especially liked the raw industrial track he started his set off with. The bass lines were so dirty......yummm.

There were parts of Legowelt's set that were so brilliant, to the point where it became a little too overwhelming, and I had to stop dancing, and realize how incredible those elektro sounds were. Took a few breaths, and continued to dance.

By far, the best event in 2002.

*viva Elektro*

Destro Sanchez

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It was so nice to see all the lovers of everything electro out on saturday.

From Solvent to Kenny Glasgow...
From artsy people to slamjackers (as the dutch call em..)
From parents of the artists to dancefloor regulars...

Every style of electro was touched on:

from the old school electro funk from the 80s to the italo/germano disco to the new wave styles...then to the 90s with some classic AUX88 detroit electro and some Miami Bass and then to the future with some new school electro from Rother, Drexciya, ADULT., etc...

thanks to everyone who came out and got down or just enjoyed themselves with the Galaga machine, artwork or just chilled.



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Wow! What an interesting party.

Not being much of an Electro Afficionato I can't really comment too much on the music. It was pretty kickin' but with an old, kind of 80's vibe. The Live PA's were fun to watch, and some moves were busted here and there.

My favorite thing about this party was definitely the fact that it was different. Big open room with art on the walls, tons of space, seating, pooltables, chill room. Felt like I was back in high school a bit. Total cross-section of people. I had a great time.

Special thanks to my partner in Crime PA, without who, I wouldn't have known about this cool little party, and made the night a total blast!!!:D


Destro Sanchez

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glad you had fun matt!

thats what we were goin for- more of an experience than a simple club with djs playing all night.

for my more lengthly and detailed review

check out

www.bleep.ca under the reviews forum...

there you will find out how my whole day went.