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lego aricraft carrier...


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Wow that is fucking awesome.

*picks up phone, tells mom to bring big huge tupperware container full of Lego when she comes to visit tomorrow* :eek:


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Thumpr said:
i am rotten because the moment i saw the picture i wanted to throw a bowling ball at it.
lol...I dunno, that thing looks pretty sturdy...you'd have to throw it pretty hard me thinks.
Naw, you aren't rotten...when I was little I used to whip things at the Lego creations my brother was making all the time. Gawd that kid hated me.
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all this lego stuff is fine and dandy, but i want to see something magnificent made out of Duplo for once.

is that too much to ask, really?
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TaCk OnE?

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anybody remember the lego exhibit they used to have every year (around chirstmas time I think) down at harbour front?

all kinds of giant lego sculptures.

I used to LOVE that.


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*Requesting permission for Lego Fly-By*

The onlky thing I ever built out of lego was switching the medevile guys head with the space cadet head. We called him "spaceville" and he loved hanging out at the gym

Dr Funk MD

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mitsuko souma said:
Holy crap. But I just finished my Lego Millenium Falcon yesterday!!!
With every keystroke you make me love you. :D

And how does one become a Lego Master Builder? Do you go to school for that? Is it a degree? It's been my life long dream.
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