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legal corporation question


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The corporation has officially been closed, however the corporation number has been retained by the same owner/individual.

Can this (shell) corporation - one that does not conduct active business - enter into legally binding agreements with 3rd parties?

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if the corporation has been dissolved, the number no longer represents a legal entity, so no. Unless somehow he's re-registered with the same number as a sole proprietership, but why would you do that ? Or if the number represents a holding or management company above the dissolved corporation, then it makes perfect sense.

Also, I know nothing about law.

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While the business formerly carried on by the numbered company may be closed, the numbered company itself may still be in good standing as an Ontario corporation - and therefore still able to operate. If you want to check the status of an Ontario corporation, go to the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services, Companies and Personal Property Security Branch, at 200 - 393 University Avenue.