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Legal Aid Lawyers


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Ok, so long story short, the National Student Loans Service Centre has completely mis-managed my account and put me in a rather awful position regarding my loan with them.

I am contesting the situation internally with them which, not surprisingly, is getting me absolutely nowhere.

Everybody I have spoken to is not able to give me any direction of recourse and just shrugs and says "I don't really know what to tell you, I know, it sucks, write another letter" or "try calling this number", in which case I'm given the same useless song and dance.

I have every conversation I've had with these people documented, and its very apparent that the ball has been dropped repeatedly on their end.

Does anyone have any idea of where I can go for assistance? I'm thinking a legal aid lawyer might be a good start, to find out exactly where I stand, as NSLSC can't even seem to tell me that much. Anyone have any names or numbers to help a girl out?

Ideas? Anyone?

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Its not a matter of losing money to them, its a matter of them preventing me from getting my account into good standing by being mislead and misinformed. They are currently charging me over $100 interest per month and holding my tax return because it was sent into default by error.
They couldn't even tell me the total amount I owed.
Its a very long sorrid story.
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I know this off chance but do you work full time? If so your benefits may include EAPS (employees assistance program) which at my work includes meeting with various councillors such as financial adviser etc.
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I do work full time and am supposed to be getting my benefit package sometime soon (so they keep telling me).

I'll look into that too, thanks.


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you could call equifax and make sure that none of these errors appear on your credit report. If you havent lost money to them and it's a matter of them making errors that are misleading on your loan forms then make sure none of the erroneous information reaches equifax.

After all an error that doesnt affect your credit report or cost you money is stressful but otherwise harmless

or am i misunderstanding the error ?


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i'm fairly sure student loan stuff purposefully cannot affect your credit report

unless it's been moved to official collections
which is different than nslsc collections


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It is reported on Equifax, thats the biggest problem. It shouldn't have gotten there, and I was never notified that it was being reported for me to intervene before the damage was done.

My understanding is that although Student Loans can be placed against your credit rating, most financial institutions take those reports with a grain of salt and are not considered against you as much as say, a defaulted credit card.
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You might want to try a free legal aid clinic. Both U of T and Osgoode run them as a service to the society at large. Becuase it has to do with student loans you might have a good chance with them as it will peak the interest of the case workers and the service (which will of course want to help out another student).

At the very least they can likely point you in the right direction and get you the information you need to pursue things further.



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hahaah... kelli... email me details.. everything you know.

I used to work in student loan collections.. as a collector and a department manager. it is possible to get it recalled.. you jsut need to be able to prove to them that it was an error on there part.. which is tough because it's governemnt garaunteed loan... but it can be done. take a lot of work and bitching though.. and if you can proove that it was there mistake.. you're shit out of luck... their view is that it's the students responsibility to ensure that everything is up to date.

but ya... give me details... i can offer you some advice!

free of charge to ;)


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Thanks Ev, I'll take you up on that. I'll e-mail you my sob story.

That's exactly what I'm battling with them to do, recall it. But of course, they are giving me the run around, and nobody seems to know exactly who I should be talking to, so I'm just sending letters into a black hole.