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lee macdonald - reset - house


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Here are some tracks that I've been feelin' lately. More of a bumpin / funky feel to it and some nice ol' school funk at the start and to close it out.

I had fun making this one...Enjoy !


1.George Clinton - We want the Funk - CDR
2.B.B. King - King's Special - abc
3.Rithma - Everyone's Sleeping Today - CDR
4.The Littlemen - Traffic - Amenti
5.The Timewriter - ? - White
6.Lavish Habits - Jazzy Habits - Select
7.DJ Homewrecker - Call me Crazy - Aroma
8.Jaywest - Hop Down - Lowdown
9.Famous Hit Recording Artists - Boogie Naked - Aroma
I am? - Milleniums Accapellas
10.Michaelbop - Yes we is - Guess Who ?
11.Famous Hit Recording Artists - Famous Hit Recording Artists - Aroma
12.Damon Truett - Run it by me (fetish mix) - i recordings
13.R. Brown - Not Like I used to - Guess who ?
14.East Coast Boogiemen & DJ Heather - Picture of You (Natural Rhythm Mix) - Blackcherry
15.Curtis Mayfield - Superfly - CDR
16.Wilson Pickett - In the Midnight hour - bbe records

running time: 66:40
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I downloaded it twice and deleted it both times. Now I will do it again just to steal vipermusic bandwidth!!!!!!!!

Snakes in the house!
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Wiseman said:
I downloaded it twice and deleted it both times. Now I will do it again just to steal vipermusic bandwidth!!!!!!!!

Snakes in the house!

Damn you !!

Just kiddin man. Enjoy the beats...


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i have seriously enjoyed every mix of yours to the fullest.

i have amazing memories of listening to your mixes while lying on beaches half way around the world!

keep up the great work :cool:
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Wicked mix LEE!!!!!!!!!

I like how you started and ended with some real funk and Motown and all the nice beats in between....

I like how all your mixes are very gutsy with great track selection as always...

Can't wait to hear you play at the next Viper Jam :eek:


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Hey thanks a lot Moe. I like to attack the mixes ! :cool:
Next jam should be fun. You get a shirt yet ? If not we'll sort you out there.

Also, I've taken the mix down. If anyone would like to have a listen, PM me and we'll figure something out.



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finally got my ears in gear and took a listen to this. love that traffic track by the littlemen right away, but the mix really gets going with jazzy habits - such a fun track to play with. from there it's a smooth ride, funky throughout with alot of fun, fast mixes. this is definitely a party mix. love it! by the way, i recognize the bassline in 'not like i used to'. do you know where it's from?? feels like a classic or something. anyway, it was a fun ride. and i'm sure i'll be pulling it out again tonight before i head out. cheers!

Sylent Syd

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been lovin' this mix for awhile now

letting 'er roll right now as I prepare to ditch the K-dub tonight for Insurgence. :D

(any mix that has "Famous Hit Recording Artists" on its tracklist was bound to pique my interest anyways ;))
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Thanks guys !

hallisz... Not sure where that bassline is from. It is a good tune though.
Dj Broke... check your PM's.

If anyone is looking for a copy, PM me or email macdonald 18 at hotmail.com and we'll figure something out.