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LEE BURRIDGE (GlobalUnderground/Renaissance) Fri 17th@ Celebs


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Friday November 17- Vivid & Blueprint present the Vivid original!

Global Underground. 365. Renaissance

Voted #10 DJ in the world ('02) and most likely to wear pink to a wedding!
From Sasha to Freeland and Hawtin, Lee Burridge is recognized as one of the most versatile dj’s in the world. With Craig Richards, they form House heavyweights: Tyrant. His 2 “Global Underground” CD’s, feature the worlds of deep-house, progressive and breaks blending into a unique sound that’s made him a global legend.

He's one Richie Hawtin, Sasha and Hybrid's favorite DJ's, come find out why.

Lee Burridge MySpace: http://www.leeburridge.com/

plus Julian Chow & Tyler Johnson
$20/25 Tickets: ClubZone, Boomtown, Beat Street

Celebrities One of Vancouver's sweetest dance clubs
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i'd TOTALLY check this if it wasn't the night after dj heather (and the week after diz this friday)

my budget is shot...

mike = needs second job


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not to sound like a broken record, but Lee Burridge is without a doubt one of the top performers behind the decks... unlike alot of the big names, he loves to interact with people.. talk with them and make it more then just a dj set. There's a reason he's so popular in every part of the world without the same commercial push and cheese behind him... its because he makes it about people.

Check it out if you want to remember what parties are supposed to be about ;)
and a fresh venue! alot of the old VIVID fridays crowd coming out for this one!

Keep tuned in here for more events like this one
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