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Lee Burridge @ Breathe


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Yes! Yes! Yes! This was definetly one of my highlights of the year. Fukkin progressive breakbeats/house music all nite long. It was so damn good last nite I was lovin it till the end.

Very different last nite, but everyone seemed to take it all in stride and danced all nite long.

Breathe, I bow, thanx so much for bringing this guy in. I can't wait for Clive Henry.

NOTE - Dec 22nd with Matt Colridge is going to be fukin fat people. Do not miss this nite, cause this guy is just itchin to bust out!



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Yes...this night was one of incrdible music and a lot of really happy faces.
It was really nice to meet Fleaflo & Chrome and I hope to see both of you out more often.
Libradragon...enjoy the Peace Division disk.
Well..what can be said about Lee Burridge?
The guy was incredible.
I mean, most everyone knew the night was gonna go off when he dropped a new breakbeat remix of Xpander. If the fact that the remix was done by himself and Hybrid "just fucking around in the studio" doesn't blow you away...then the fact that the copy he played is the only copy in the world really should.
This one gets a really big BO!!!


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sad to say I didn't quite make it out the door.... I had one too many Rev's as pre-drinks and so my ass was floored....
so I am sad to hear that it was a great night... *sigh*


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What an awsome night again Breathe.

Lee Burridge was absolutly amazing. One of the finest sets for Breathe in my opinion. Didn't know quite what to expect from Burridge (only hearning the Tyrant comp), but he just blew me away. Funky stuff. Too bad there weren't more people there to enjoy it.

Awesome night

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Lee Burridge was amazing!
I wasn't sure what to expect becuase I had nevedr actually herd him before, but he didn't disapoint!
His selection was great and his mixing was tight..

4.5 / 5 glowsticks


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Let me tell you all, Burridge is one of the funniest and most down to earth people I have ever met...

I stood with him for an hour and he had me laughing the whole time...he had this Christina Aguilera music gadget that plays her songs...he kept placing it up to my ear and dancing....then he put it on the floor and starting busting moves...then he stopped and pointed to my friends to start dancing...a truly hilarious moment...a total model DJ much in the same vein as Chris Lawrence(if you've met him then you'll know he is really friendly)....I'm telling ya, the fame and fortunes have not went to Burridge's heid and that's a great thing...he treated me like a normal person and I respected it so much...Oakenfold could learn from this guy. The guy kept buying me drinks for fuck sakes...what a bloke!

Anyway, what a bang on night...Breathe is the only place I go to now...good to see Flea and Libradragon again....Ambarish, you missed out bro.

Come check out Coleridge on the 22nd...he is one of the cities brightest prospects...it's time to show your support.



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yes yes- a good night indeed.
good to finally meet coleridgre, nesta, and whoever else i can't remember...

looking forward to the 22nd...


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Hey Flea,

How can I be in such a small space and not bump into you? Anyways I have to say that this was one of the better nights out in a while. It was in my opinion one of the best sets that I've ever heard Mark Scaife spin and that was just the warm up!! I din't stay for all of Burridge's set but from what I did hear I'll definately be checking him out again if he comes back.

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Yes, yes, Lee Burridge dropping some crazy shit! One of the best sets of the year for sure. I was lucky enough to meet him, what a nice guy, no attitude what so ever. It was great seeing fleaflo, lift, and rentboy(thanks for the drink tickets). Breathe has done it once again. Groundbreaking night to say the least.

Hey MikeTwisted, was the Hybrid remix of Xpander the same or diferent from the one Nick Warren played at Meow on Victoria Day weekend?

Can't wait for Tyrant 2, which Lee said should be released in February.


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Another memorable evening at Breathe. I wasn't going to miss this event even if it meant taking a $40 cab from the Toronto Congress Centre in formal attire. (Nice suit, ChRoMe - you looked like money.

Thanks Mike for the Peace Division disc - it's fucking amazing!!!!!

Anyone who has yet to spend a friday night at System - you're missing out. Tight vibe, great people, unbelievable music.


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Originally posted by Libradragon:
Another memorable evening at Breathe. I wasn't going to miss this event even if it meant taking a $40 cab from the Toronto Congress Centre in formal attire. (Nice suit, ChRoMe - you looked like money.
Thanks Naomi! A great time indeed even though I felt like I was a character from A Night At The Roxbury! The music was great and the crowd rocked. Nice to meet Mike Twisted and i am sure to see you around a bit more on a Friday night. Flea was in full effect once again and I was holding it down for the couch MASSIVE!




It was nice to see the Massive in effect. That breakbeat "xpander" was off the hook and I was pretty blown away by the night. Flea, its been a while, but it was great to see ya again, same goes for Libradragon (I'm getting a 3rd tattoo soon!), Matt Coleridge and Creme were there as usual, but unfortunately not feeling it as much as I was. Oh well c'est la vie.

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Am I the only one that actually found this guy's set boring- for the most part?

Most people left a quarter of the way into his set. It got a bit better afterwards but it was boooooring! for the most part. Almost no smiles from me the whole night.