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Lebrosk funky breaks guestmix on NSB Radio (tracklist and download link here!)


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Lebrosk guestmix on NSB Radio's - Beating the crates show. 09/11/09

Lebrosk - Beating The Crates guestmix on NSB Radio (09/11/09) - SoundCloud
NSB Radio MP3 Show Archives

Intro - Lebrosk
Good Girl (A Skillz remix) - Grinny Grandad
Cool hot grits - Da Wiesel
ManwomanBoogie - White
Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (DJ Angelo's Latin Funk Bomb remix)
Dangerous - Upstate remixes
I got Soul - Hai Karate Soul
Hip Hop To Funk (Exclusive Audacity remix!) - Ed Royal
Can I Have It Just Like the Old Good Times - Basement Freaks
The Saviour - JPod
Manmade - Party Block Rocker_The Breakbeat Junkie Remix 113.02
Make you Shake Up - Nas vs Banbarra
Snoop Dogg vs Chic - drop it like it's hot - mashed by BEN -Magz- aka BenDoubleM 4 radio NRJ BEL
Ghetto Base (Nick Fonkynson remix) - Hayz
Love California - Philly Blunt
Blame it on the Boogie - Phunk Sinatra
Shake Up - Funktomas
Jigga that Funk Ni**a - Nick Thayer
Thriller (acapella) - Vincent Price
Night Owl - Neighbour & Think Tank
Night Owl (AGFA remix) - Neighbour & Think Tank
Don't stop the Groove - JAVIER MORILLAS
Puttin on the fix - Dan Wilde
Right on Funk Jam - Rory Hoy
Just get up and dance (acapella) - Afrika Bambaata
Feel For You (Let's Take Em Back) - Featurcast
If u seek Rye Rye (bootleg) - DJ Soo
Les Rhythym Digitales (bootleg) - Jaques Your Body
Triple Baltringue - Woody Braun Shtreimel


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Download link
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - Jan 2010 (Guestmixes from Rory Hoy & Tom Drummond) - SoundCloud

Son of a Preacher Man (JKL rework) - Dusty Springfield
Gone Bad - DJ Day
Block Rockin Blade - Da Wiesel
Fort Knox - Goldfish
4X4 - Capoeira Twins
This Fang - Eumig & Chinon
My Beatbox - Deejay Punk-Roc
Get Up - J-Roc
Old Skool Hustle - DJ Strafe
Nifty Night - Dublex Inc
Your Soul (Funktomas remix) - Quincy Jointz
Gay with an E - Wicked Lester

Rory Hoy tracklist:
Rory Hoy on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

1. Hayz - Ghetto Base (Nick Fonkynson Remix) (Pig Balls Records/BigM)
2. Rory Hoy - B-Boy Theme (Howlin' Records BigM)
3. Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson #2 (Tommy Boy)
4. Prosper & Rory Hoy - Disco, Reach Out (Wack Records)
5. Armand Van Helden - Koochy (Dj Icey And Keith Money Mackenzie Remix)
6. Freddy Fresh - Chupacabbra (Bassbin Twins Remix) (Harthouse)
7. Gramaphonedzie - Why Don't You (Guesthouse Music)
8. Funkanomics - DaftFunk - Daft's Big Room Medley (Twin Town Productions)
9. Rory Hoy - Keep It Down (Main Mix) (Skint Under 5's)
10. Rory Hoy - Baby Likes It Phat (BigM)
11. RamSkank feat. LaMeduza – If It Feels Good, Disappear (Rory Hoy Remix) (BigM)
12. The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix) (Dubs For Clubs)
13. Lika Marques – Pigs Don’t Sneeze
14. Rory Hoy – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Iz (Linton Brown Remix) (Skint Under 5’s)
15. Linton Brown – Horndog (Original Mix) (Skint Under 5’s)
16. Fatboy Slim – Jack It Up (Skint Records)
17. Freddy Fresh feat. Fatboy Slim – Badder, Badder Schwing (Eye Q Recordings)

Tom Drummond tracklist:
Tom Drummond on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

calling up the peices - partyben
Grip like a vice - lebrosk
the Jiggy breaks - everybody get down
The Humpty Dance - Digital underground
Cali keeps on lovin - Nick thayer
Wheels - DJ yoda
better on stage - flow dynamics
Breakology - Scissor cuts
Intangible MCs - Foreign legion
Amongst the madness - Nextmen
Sound sound - resin dogs
Brick and stop - commodores vs qtip
let the music take your mind - grant green
Tribute - Erik Rug
My bad - Badboe
Zulu freeze frame - rockmaster rus B
Wild style - Slynk and Tom Drummond
Sunshine boogie - Featurecast
Player - mooqee vs beatvandals
Im ready to shake - controller 7
Boogie call - Slynk
Chuck berry - featurecast
we came to party - malente


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February's show now on Soundcloud....

Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - Feb 2010 (Guestmix by Hayz) - SoundCloud

Mr Big Stuff - J-Roc
MIA's Jive - Mashed Up Funk!
Dangerous Tings - TotatCult
Funky Sensation - The Funkanomics
E.V.A (Lebrosk remix) - Jean Jacques Perrey
B-BOy Stance - Def Cut
Funk It Up! (Featuring Missy Elliot) - Lebrosk
Funky Music til ya Die! - Kool Hertz
You Don't know (Tim MCVicar remix) - Smoove & Turrell
Blow - Fuzzbox Inc
Everybody Ready - Nick Thayer & Will Styles
Ready to shake the Fantastic Voyage - Wash (The Funk System)
Full Moon - Armand Van Helden
Getting on her Groove - The Breakdown Bandits
Big Mercedez Blend - TotalCult
Stop Don't Stop - Unknown
How I got over- The Roots
Flaregroove (VIP 2009 mix) - Pimpsoul
Yo Voy Seiji Remix - Tomasan
Hot 4 U (Lebrosk & Rory Hoy remix) - Kid Stretch
DooWutchYalike - Funk the System Remix
Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk remix) - Scott Grooves
Pon De Discofloor - Major Lazer VS Knightlife
I'm not your toy (Jack Beats remix) - La Roux
Gotta Be - Move Ya!
Cantaloopz (Basement Freaks remix) - US3
Because I got it like that (Freestylers remix) - Jungle Brothers
Cymade (Master mix) - Unknown
Say Yes (Suonho Party Mix) - Wax Taylor
Never Be Your Woman (Shy FX remix) - Wiley
MC's can kiss - Uffie

Wheelz of Hayz (No-Ableton-Edit)
Hayz on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

Terminator X - Nick Fonkynson [Unreleased]
Booty of a Preacherman - Badboe [Unreleased]
Shut Em' Down - Public Enemy (Acapella)
You're Not Awesome - Chris Awesome [Unreleased]
Tip Up Your Cup - A. Skillz (Insane Bangers Promo)
Keep on Bumpin - Kool Hertz [Unreleased]
Ghetto Base (Video Edit) - Hayz [Pig Balls Records]
Untitled Demo - DJ Kid Stretch [Unreleased]
Listen to the DJ - The Breakbeat Junkie [Unreleased]
Give You Much More - DJ Kid Stretch [Warriorz Records Promo]
I Believe - Badboe [Unreleased]
Slide Slide - Slynk [Unreleased]
Funkin' You - Phunk Sinatra [Unreleased]
Twisted Lemon - Hayz [Big M Productions Promo]
Horny - DJ Kid Stretch [Manmade Records Promo]
Disco Reach Out - Rory Hoy [Wack Records Promo]
Funky Lyrics - Busta [Unreleased]
Rock Da Riddim - CMC & Silenta [Manmade Records Promo]
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Slightly different format to this month's show. We'll be starting off with an exclusive new promo mix from myself and following that up with a very hot guestmix from Romania's Tomasan & VRT

VRT on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
TOMASAN on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

Listen here
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - March 2010 (Guestmix by VRT & Tomasan) - SoundCloud

Lebrosk - March 2010 Promo mix
Intro - Twin Hype
Funk it up! (feat Missy Elliot) - Lebrosk
Cold rock the party (Ultimix) - MC Lyte
I Wish I was funky (Funk Ferret remix) - Skee Lo
Something Freaky - Basment Freaks
Yes Yes Y'all - DJ Audit
Partybreak (Part 2) - Niko
Rappers Delight (Suonho remix) - (Dan The Automator mix) Sugahill Gang
Blow - Fuzzbox Inc
Last Bongo In Belgium (suonho ReFunk) - Incredible Bongo Band
Getting on her Groove - The Breadown Bandits
Funkbox (with Capitol A) - Visioneers
Phunkin You - Phunk Sinatra
F-Express - Rennie Pilgrem
Flat Top (Bonus track) - Nick Thayer & Will Styles
Untitled - Niko
The Doll That Made The Dice Behave (Rory Hoy vs Lebrosk Remix) - Pale The Kid
Gangsta_Boogie_(Spark_Arrester_Edit) - Faust & Shortee
Casual Sub - Burning Spear (Lebrosk rework) - ETA
On The floor - Funkanomics
And The Beat Goes On (Basement Freaks remix) - All Seeing I

VRT & Tomasan guestmix
01. Toddla T - Where Mi Key Deh?
02. Featurecast - Rock Ya Body
03. The Beekeepers - Transcript
04. Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Be Real (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
05. Louis La Roche - Prick Stick
06. Inland Knights - Ghetto Shit
07. Neighbour - Kolor Jam
08. Busta Funk - Back To The Oldschool
09. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch
10. C-Code - Burning Up In Here (Rubix Remix)
11. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro (Bart B More Remix)
12. I.D. & Baobinga - BackFoot
13. Giles Peterson presents Havana Cultura - Chekere (Seiji Remix)
14. Drumagick - Damas (Ladies Mix)
15. Readymate - Willdflower
16. Dakunt - Of Life
17. Tonelada - Funk Como Me Gusta (D'n'B Remix)
18. David W.S. - Talarico

Tomasan | Mixcloud - Re-think radio
vrt | Mixcloud - Re-think radio


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This month I'll be celebrating one year of the 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM with an Exclusive guestmix from the very talented DJP!

scratchabit - Tracks - SoundCloud
djp on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

Tune in on Thursday 15th April 2010 at 9pm on RAMP F.M. for something very special!

Listen & download here...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - April 2010 (Guestmix by DJP) - SoundCloud

You've got the love (Leftside Wobble Funk Redux mix) - Candi Staton
The Jam - Philly Blunt
Da Pig Jam - Nick Fonkynson
Csango Boogie (The Uptown Felaz remix) - Kerekes Band
Snakebite (Busta remix) - RootSellers
I'm Gonna - DJ Axe
Freedom (Lack of Afro Inspiration) - Ray Harris
Superjam Y'all - Unknown
Twisted Lemon - Hayz
Crazy Music - Mick & Marc
You know what's up - Outlier
Another Message - White
Blow (Armand Van Helden club mix) - Moodbase Re-Mood
King of Kong - Golden Bug
Burning Up in here (Rubix remix) - C-Code
Anyway (Andy McAllister remix) - Duck Sauce
Everything in its right place (Gigamesh Discotech remix) - Radiohead
Mars Sounds better with you - Meeloox bootleg
Ever So Slightly - Lenzman
Twang Banger - A-Skillz

DJP Guestmix...

01 - The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - Got What It Takes (Wack)
02 - Run DMC - Here We Go (Live at the Fun House) (DJ Asparagus' Big Beat Edition) (CDR)
03 - Basement Freaks - Get Off (CDR)
04 - Busta - Jump That Way (Booty Pirates)
05 - The Breakbeat Junkie - Listen to the DJ (Manmade)
06 - The Bar-Kays - You Made a Change (Stickybuds Edit) (CDR)
07 - A Skillz - Poppa Soul (Insane Bangers)
08 - DJP - Sugarhill Thing (CDR)
09 - Kool Hertz - Slippery When Wet (CDR)
10 - DJ Wood - Turn Me On (Bombastic Jam)
11 - DJ Kid Stretch - Give You Much More (Warriorz)
12 - Slynk - Slide Slide (CDR)
13 - The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - Time to Roll (CDR)
14 - Moodbase - Rap or Funk (Big M)
15 - J-Roc - Funkanomical Boom (Goodgroove)
16 - The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - Drop Down (Big M)
17 - DJ Def Cut - Free Soul (CDR)


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A mix I did to help promote nufunk.net website....

Download link:
Lebrosk - Lebrosk's Nufunk.Net Promo Mix (May 2010) - SoundCloud

Intro - Lebrosk
Jackson Jump Reconstruction - Slynk
I want Lynguistics - Zenit Incompatible
Dont Touch The Drummers Beat - DJ S-Man remix
Martin Clancy & The Witness Protection Programme (Pimpsoul Remix) - Flatfoot
Groove Heart - Loasbandidos Viva la remix
Body Rocker (Lebrosk remix) - Philly Blunt (unmastered)
We got the Funk (Original mix) - Jayl Funk
2 Live Crew Party - 2 Bit Thugs Remix (Stereofreakz Breaks Edit)
Cameroon (Funkanomics Edit) - Dolby Anol
Everybody in the Place (STEREOFREAKZ EDIT) - Deadmau5 Remix
Magics Wand - Quivver Breaks Mix
Breakers Revenge (Original mix) - Kid Kenobi
The Mexican (Krafty Kuts rerub) - Deekline & Tim Healy
Mr Big Stuff - DJ Defkline Red Polo vs Dustin_Hulton
Ellie Goulding (At Dawn We Rage remix) - Starry Eyed


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Very pleased to announce that on this month's show I'll be bringing you exclusive new guestmixes from Qdup Foundation and Romania's Meeloox!

Qdup Foundation - Tracks - SoundCloud
Meeloo's EDM blog

Download link...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - May 2010 (Guestmixes by Qdup Foundation & Meeloox ) - SoundCloud

Jump that way - Busta
MFSB The Message - DJ S-Man remix
Lets Dance - Shmix
The Greatest Dancer (Feat. Snoop Dogg) - Suonho Mirror-Ball Mix
Electric in the Streets - Qdup Foundation
Missy Max Sledgey - Shmix
Mars Needs Parker - Parker Vs Fake Blood
Disco Shit - Busta
I Want Linguistics - Zenit Incompatible
Bring the Gypsey - Typsey Gypsey
We got the Funk (Original mix) - Jayl Funk
Feel Too Good (Jack Beats remix) - Kidda
Bangkok (Sangers & Ra remix) - Boris Dlugosh
Killer Profit - HIHAT (Feat Mark Thomas)
I got 5ive on it - Funkanomics
Inferno (50 Cent VS Plump DJs) - Tom Drummond

Qdup Foundation guestmix...

1 Gotta Shine - Slynk - Goodgroove
2 Manifest Party - Funk Burners - FB002 CDR
3 Masterbation Session (J Lo Vocal) - Wild Card - Wild Card
4 Ya Underwear GoGo Cracking Mix - Get This - Ocean Trax Italy
5 LaLa Song Club Version - Bob Sinclair Ft Sugarhill Gang - Yellow Productions France
6 Operator ft Blake Lewis (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Disco Funk Remix) - DJ Dan & Überzone - Nettwork
7 Hey You - Def Cut - Keep it Raw 2009 CDR
8 Get Down - J-Roc - Goodgroove
9 Bitches Remix - Jon Ohms - CDR
10 Nothing Like a Bonus - Askillz & Nick Thayer - Insane Bangers
11 Dusty Girl (Jayclue eDit) - DJ Trip - CDR
12 BusMef - tOtALcULt - CDR
13 Good Thing - FK1000 - CDR
14 Another One Bites The Rmx - Rhythm Scholar - CDR
15 On Point - Pimpsoul - Bombstrikes
16 Kingston Funk - Stickybuds - BigM
17 I Want Candy (Jayclue dubedit) - DC's Finest - CDR
18 Superstition - U-Tern & Neighbor - Punchout
19 Too Hot To Stop - Fuzzbox Inc eDit - CDR

Meeloox guestmix...

01. Daniel Haaksman - Kid conga (Meeloox Original vs Dubbel Dutch Mash-UP)
02. L-Vis 1990 - United groove (MJ Cole Remix)
03. Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok
04. David Alterago - Sub basic
05. Fake Blood - Fix your accent
06. Deekline & Tim Healy - The mexican (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
07. Noisia - Gutterpump
08. Aquasky & Sporty-O - Outta control
09. Savage ft. Porscha - Swing (DJ Chaos Remix)
10. Noisia - Split the atom
11. Empire of the sun - Walking on a dream (Punk Rolla vs Krafty Kuts Remix)
12. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Meeloox PDP vs TC vs Afrojack Mash-UP)
13. The Count & Sinden - Mega
14. Gramophonedzie - Why don't you
15. SNAP - Rythm is a dancer (Rico Tubbs Remix)
16. Sub focus feat. Culture Shock- Move higher
17. Ou est le swimmingpool - Dance the way I feel (Armand van Helden Remix)
18. Duck sauce - The motion
19. Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy - Royal T (Riva Starr Dub)
20. Cosmin TRG - Discotek
21. Sub focus - Could this be real (Meeloox Original vs DnB Mash-UP)
22. Jay-Z - Big pimpin' (Rico Tubbs Fix)
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Check out this month's Ramp FM show with an Exclusive never heard before Promo Mix from The Funkanomics!

Funkanomics on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

Listen and download here...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - June 2010 (Guestmix by The Funkanomics) - SoundCloud

I need a dollar (Kurc remix) - Aloe Blacc
Blud & Mia - Nice Up!
Worldwide Baby - D-Funk
The Boss - D-Funk
Don't say you love me (Original mix) - Chris Awesome
Work it (Ill Boogie remix) - DJ Dooby
Wicked Trip - Hayz
Pull up to my bootleg baby - Dirty Dubsters
The Body Rocker (Warriorz EP mashmix) - Philly Blunt
Pick up the party - DJ Agent 86
Jive Cat - Dan Wilde
Northern Comfort (Feat. Turrell) - Dr Rubberfunk
Sun (Suonho Vintage Sun-Rays mix) - Caribou
Rockin' on a speaker - Bush Doctors
Mercedes Benz (Nick Thayer club dub) - Nick Thayer
Ooh La La- Ursula 1000 rework
La Musica - Munk
Ready For The Fight (Gramophonedzie Remix) - The Young Punx Ft. Count Bass D

The Funkanomics Guestmix...
1. Intro
2. Stevie Wonder vs. Metallica (Funkanomics Edit)
3. Beasite Boys - Sabotage (Alex Metric Remix)
4. DJ Agent 86 - Get It On
5. Work It Out (Soo´s Da Funky Smoke On The Water Remix)
6. Busta - Cool Down
7. Dj Wood - Turn Me On (Stickybuds Drunk Drunk Edit)
8. Featurecast - Damm!
9. Coolruck - Im Focused
10. Psychemagik - Whoopin The Booze
11. Sublime - Santeria (Jpod Remix)
12. Mr Benn - Police (The Magic Fly Remix)
13. Mashed Up Funk - Door Stoppa
14. Outlier of The Funk Hunters - Lollipo Drop
15. Danny And The Juniors - At The Hop (Redz Remix)
16. Blend - Press Forward (Turntbale Dubbers Remix)
17. Mr Dero & Klumzy Tung - Sessel Rock
18. Prince Fatty - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
19. K-Tel Harvey - Boops Apocalypse
20. Gramophonedzie - Why Dont You (High Rankin Remix)
21. Dj Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavillon Remix)
22. Dodge & Fuski feat. Highbury Whores - Ponstep
23. Flux Pavillon - Got 2 Know
24. Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Sangers & Ra Edit)
25. Ed Royal feat. Badkat - Thats That Shit (Funkanomics Remix)
26. Kooqla - FWord (Funkanomics Remix)
27. Wu-Tang Clan - Cream (DJ Moneyshot Remix)
28. Funkanomics - Ragga Bond
29. Funkanomics - Dixie Toilet
30. Funkanomics - Mr. Boobs
31. Bert On Beats feat. Anbuley - Suomo
32. Tigarah - Color, Culture, Money, Beauty
33. Dj Wood - Wolves Dem Sugar
34. Dj Agent 86 - All About The Money
35. Bryx - Swagga Refix
36. Busy Signal - Jafrican Ting
37. Radio Trip - Whole Wide World
38. Parker vs. Fake Blood - Mars Needs Parker
39. A-Skillz - Twang Banger
40. Beastie Boys Intergalactic
41. DJL - Hypewriter
42. Outro


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This Thursday night we have a brand spanking new Guestmix from NuFunk.Net's launch party's Headline DJ - DJ Badboe (Good Groove, BBP Records, Bomb strikes)


Listen and download here...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - July 2010 (Guestmix by DJ Badboe) - SoundCloud

Boom! - Unknown artst
Busta Beats - Funk Ferret
Police (The Magic Fly extended remix) - Mr Benn
The Rollercoaster of Awesome Love - Chris Awesome
JuicyWay - DJP
Get Ill - D-End
Got what it takes - The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP
Get some more bounce girl - Lisa Realeyez
Watchya Got - Funk Burners
Singin' (Basement Freaks remix) - Wasabi
Style, Class, Flair - U-Tern
I am not form France (Louis La Roche remix) - Don Diablo
Boyfriend (DCup remix) - KillaQueenz
Swoon (Sangers & Ra remix) - Chemical Brothers
I Feel Good (Ali Disco B remix) - James Brown
No Diggin - Smov & Dedy Dread

Badboe Guestmix...

01. Lets Get iLL Intro [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
02. Def Cut - The Joint (All Star Mix) [MZEE Records / BMG]
03. BadboE - Sound of Invasion (Def Cut Mix) [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
04. Mick and Marc - Introducing [Twin Town Productions]
05. FDEL - The Crew [Freestyle]
06. Featurecast - Damm! [Unreleased]
07. BadboE vs. Prosper - If You Want My Love (Special Edit) [Coming Soon on Manmade Records]
08. BadboE - Master Piece [Coming soon On Bombstrikes]
09. A-Skillz - Twang Banger [Insane Bangers]
10. Jayl Funk - Don´t Stop Movin´ [Unreleased]
11. BadboE - Shine Like A Halo [Coming soon On Bombstrikes]
12. Stickybuds - Do What You Want To [Good Groove]
13. Gramatik - Tearin It Up (original Mix) [Cold Busted]
14. Chris Awesome - You're Not Awesome [Unreleased]
15. Busta - Jump That Way [Booty Pirate]
16. J-Roc - On Point [Bombstrikes]
17. Dj Agent 86 - All About The Money (BadboE Edit) [Lightspeed]
18. DJ Kid Stretch - Untitled Demo [Unreleased]
19. The Breakdown Bandits - Funky Music Till You Die [Bulabeats]
20. The Breakbeat Junkie - Listen To The Deejay [Unreleased]
21. BadboE - Loose Your Funky Self (Fuzzbox Inc Remix) [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
22. BadboE - Funk In The Air (FK5 Remix) [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
23. Basement Freaks - Balkanizacia (Badboe Regganizacia Mix) [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
24. Funkanomics - Crosstown Shelter [Manmade Records]
25. The Beginnerz - Restless Girl (Stanton Warriors Mix)
26. BadboE - Rescue Me (BigM Remix) [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
27. BadboE - Latin Dub Booty [Unreleased]
28. Basement Freaks - Jam In The Jungle (Parker Remix) [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]


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Check out August's Funk Sessions show archive on Soundcloud now!

This month we have guestmixes from All Good Funk Alliance and DJ S-Man

Listen and download here...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - August 2010 (Guestmixes by All Good Funk Alliance & DJ S-Man) - SoundCloud

Golden Ghostwriter (Tone-E remix) - Jurassic 5 & RJD2
Don't Stop Movin - Jayl Funk bootleg
Crooklyn Rippin - Funk Ferret
To the problems (Feat. Jay-Z) - DJ Veto
Ludacris Akama - Cloudsound Factory
Raygun Kills - Afrodisiac
All the Mamis - Telephunken
Macdamia Cuts #1 - Diggles
Shake IT - Matty Blades
Last night a DJ threw his hands in the air - JiggyJoe
Son of a pitch - Take a sunshower, baby - Zenit Incompatible
4th of July (BetaTraxx remix) - Kelis
One (Oh Snap! Baltimore Club Mafia remix) - Swedish House Mafia
Acapella (Unknown remix) - Kelis
Tears you down - The Brookes Brothers
Skribble (Original Mix) - Underworld

All Good Funk Alliance guestmix...

1. David Rubato - Circuit (Siriusmo Remix)
2. BEN HORN-Moodytron (Ursula 1000 Remix)
3. Nappy Riddem - Rastar_Quincy_Jointz_Remix
5. Unknown (Cut Up Masterpiece)
6. Kool Hertz – Hotstepper
7. Niko - Party break (part 2)
8. Trotter – Back in Time (Kool Hertz Remix)
9. Neighbour & Think Tank – Night Owl (AGFA Remix)]
10. Strip Steve- Breakin (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
11. Neighbour – Summertime Girls
12. BadboE - Lets Get iLL (Nick Fonkynson Remix)
13. Unknown (Next Plateau)
14. TANGA - Babylon (AGFA Remix)
15. Maasa - 70s-Born
16. All Good Funk Alliance - A-Man With A Jam Plan - Discofari Remix

DJ S-Man guestmix

2.screetchy dan vs cat empire-boomin in ya jeep-sman remix
3.holy horns-dj phase remix
4.old dirty bastard crossing the tracks-sman remix
5.stickybuds-kingston funk
6.the gaff-get up stand up
7.super lover c-doin the james brown
8.beenie man-king of the dancehall-sman remix
9.q tip-vs sylvia striplin-give me what ya got-sman remix
10.digital underground verse prince-kiss you back-dj sman & dj phaze remix
110.move ya body-dj phase remix
12.carl carlton vs notorious big-nasty mama jamma-dj phase remix
13.notorious big-keep ya hands high -sman remix
14.funktomas-dancing machine
15.too short blow ya whistle-sman remix--------can edit more
16.nas-made ya look-sman remix
17.a skillz poppa soul
18.busta-dont touch the drummers beat-sman remix
19.busta get down-sman remix
20.funkthomas -shake it
21.grandmaster flash vs mfsb-the message-sman remix
22.common vs weeks and co-go-sman remix
23.criss awsome-dont say you love me-kid stretch remix
24.philly blunt-the body rocker-kid stretch remix
25.slynk & tom drummond-wild style
26.badboe-lets get ill-nick fonkyson remix
26.ed royal feat bad kat and laidy daisy -hip hop to funk-nick fonkyson remix
27.unknown-im free
28.slynk-gotta shine
29.fort knox stet-talking all that sax-sman remix
30.luda struttin funky stuff-sman remix
31.sly players-sho nuff
32.ferry ultra-rising up


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Check out this month's Funk Sessions sbow on Ramp FM with an Exclusive guestmix from Nick Thayer!

Listen here...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - September 2010 (Guestmix by Nick Thayer) - SoundCloud

Hot pants Funk - Hansi
Nasty Girl (Bezwun Black Alley Funk remix) - Notorious B.I.G
Listen to Diaspora - Unknown
N E Way - Ali B & Nick Thayer
Hip Hop to Funk - Dans Van Stefan Obermeyr remix) - Ed Royal
Gypsey Flute Army- Bandmaster
Fergies Bridge - Me-High-Low
Lunatics - Vent
Microdot - (Dropout Orchestra remix)- DJ Agent 86
Jughead (Phunk Sinatra remix) - Jaly Funk
Nu Jazz weekend song - Unknown
Coma Cat (Original mix) - tensnake
We want your soul - JiggyJoe
Don't wanna hear about it - Telephunken
My Dangerous Girl - The Breakbeat Junkie
Soundboy - Max Sedgley Feat. Tore Cesay
Project Baseline (Cut La Roc remix) - Drop the pressure
As We Enter (Philly Blunt remix) - Nas & Damian Marley
One (Stanton Warriors remix) - Swedish House Mafia
A bit patchy (Niko & Lyall remix) - Switch
Gold Dust (Vocal VIP remix) - DJ Fresh
It's bigger than Hip Hop (Tomb Crew remix) - Dead Prez
It's bigger than Hip Hop - (WTF remix) - Dead Prez

Nick Thayer 'Back 2 mine' style guestmix...

1. The Gap Band - Outstanding (Total Experience Records, 1982)
2. Tony Camillo's Bazuke - Dynomite (A&M Records, 1975)
3. Ray Parker Jr - Just Havin Fun (Arista, 1982)
4. Don Blackman - You Ain't Hip (Askew Re-Fix) (GRP, 1982)
5. Uncle Louie - I Like Funky Music (Marlin, 1979)
6. Trouble Funk feat Kurtis Blow - I'm Chillin (4th & Broadway)
7. Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine (Epic, 1982)
8. GSD - The Walk (Neighbour Rmx)
9. Zapp - Doo Wa Ditty (Warner Bros, 1982)
10. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (Out In The Sticks Edit) (Elektra, 1982)
11. Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummer's Beat (Alston, 1978)
12. Flash And The Pan - Midnight Man (Epic, 1984)
13. Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (Prince Klassen Edit) (Arista, 1982)
14. Mary Jane Girls - Boys (Gordy, 1983)
15. Jack Tennis - Chicas & Rebels
16. Chicago - Street Player (CBS 1979)
17. Boney M - Gotta Go Home (Opus 1979)
18. John Legend - Slow Dance (Columbia 2006)
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This month's show we have guestmixes from Phunk Sinatra & Manki 'n' Stieb !

Listen & download here...
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - October 2010 (Guestmixes by Phunk Sinatra & Manki 'n' Stieb') - SoundCloud

People Everyday (Illegal Beat edit) - Illegal Cookin
Hook it don't Book it - Funk Ferret
Getaway Dude - DJ Wood & Salsoul
That's my name - Palov & Mishkin
Clap ya hands to it - Sleeve
Bomb Style - DJ Kid Stretch
Unknown - Jurassic 5 (Mashup)
So much trouble - Totalcult
Funky Boogie (Some DJ remix) - John Ozila
Cruel Intentions (Ali Disco B Breakbeat mix) - Simian Mobile Disco

****Me-High-Low 6 minute Minixmix****
1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Around The World
2. Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
3.LL Cool J - Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag
4. Gossip - Standing In A Way Of Control (Acapella)
5.Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me
6. Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
7.Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Lindstrom And Prins Thomas Remix)
8. Stereo Mcs - Step It Up
9.Blender - Trouble Jazz
10. Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
11.Guns'n'Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
12.Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place
13.White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
14.Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On

Prince is not dead - DJ Prosper & Azaxx
The GEMINI Bros - Get back Lilly
Hey Hey (remix) - Dennis Ferrer
Funk Phenomena - Armand Van Helden vs Run DMC
Acid Break (vox) - Kid Kenobi
Nights (DJ Ark Bass mix) - Pase Rock
What's Golden (DJ Detta d&b refix) - Bryx
Feelin Good - Some DJ
The Next Episode (Jay Robinson remix) - Neon Steve Rerub

Phunk Sinatra guestmix...

1. Gramatik - Dungeon Sound Original Mix + ODB - Shimmy Shimmy Ya (acapella)
2. Audited Beats - Das Efx - Real Hip Hop remix
3. Funk Ferret - Shadow Girls
4. Basement Freaks - Soul Men (Umbo remix)
5.Finley Quaye - Never Do That (Parker remix)
6. Dj Agent 86 - Microdot (Nick Thayer remix)
7. Dr. Dre - Next Episode (Jay Robinson Remix) Neonsteve re-rub
8. Necro - King Panther (Bryx re-edit)
9. Kid Kenobi - Breakers Revenge 2010 (J-Roc remix)
10.Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Pimpsoul & DJP remix)
11. Parliament Funkadelic - Flashlight (Some Dj re-rub)
12. Basement Freaks - I Need You Tonight
13.Zamali - Get up on your Feet
14. Dj Kid Stretch - Dreamin' Of You
15. Basement Freaks - Le Freak
16. Alex Mind vs. Syl Johnson - Different Boogie (Funkanomics Blowup)
17. Magneic Man - I Need Air (DJP's Dubfunk remix)
18. The Count & Sinden - Strange Things (High Rankin's Junglist Gentleman remix)

Manki 'n' Stieb Guestmix...

01 BigM - Love Loves
02 Bombs - Mama's Boots
03 Farolofy feat Corina Joseph - Burnin'
04 Ram Skank - West Haven
05 BigM - 7th Son
06 Clay Davis - Tray Sly
07 Mick and Marc - Back in Action
08 Shirley Ellis - Clapping Song (Kid Gusto's Claps On Mix)
09 Johnny Pearson & Lee Mintram — Mash up in Memphis
10 The Bee Keepers - To The Roots
11 DJ Yoda - Tip Toe (A Skillz Remix)
12 Killabeatz - Old Skool (Gella Remix)
13 Bryx - Eradicate 1.6
14 Wara - Unbelievable Banger
15 Kerekes Band - Csango Boogie (The Uptown Felaz remix)
16 Jpod the Beat Chef - The Savior
17 Stickybuds - Eat A Pork Chop
18 Niko - Party Break
19 Timothy Wisdom & The Outlier - Rock With Me
20 Chris Awesome - Don't Say You Love Me (Busta remix)
21 D-Funk - Young Boot


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Latest promo mix...

Lebrosk - Lebrosk - Winter 2010 Promo Mix - SoundCloud

20 tracks of NuFunk, Breaks, House and D&B !

For bookings please contact:

1. OPP Banger (Featurecast Re-Beef) - Illegal Cookin
2. Listen to the Diaspora - DJ Vapor
3. Keep Pounding - Mooqee & Pimpsoul
4. Unknown - Jurassic 5 bootleg
5. So much trouble - Totalcult
6. Stand up for me, myself and I - Don Diablo vs De La Soul
7. It Ain't Easy - CMC & Silenta
8. Miami Pop - Phil Fulder
9. Funk Phenomena - Armand Van Helden vs Run DMC
10. Dynamite - Kraak n Smaak
11. The Mexican - Yolanda Be Cool (DCup remix)
12. Mr Spock - Justin Martin
13. Yeah! - Boys Noize
14. Heep Hoop - Columbo
15. As We Enter (Deekline remix) - Damian Marley & Nas
16. Shutterbug (Jack Beats remix) - Big Boi
17. Music Lets You Go (Jimi Needles DnB Injection) - Stardust vs Chase & Status vs Brooke Brothers
18. Chasing a feeling - Quivver
19. It's higher than Hip Hop - Unknown
20. Steppin Up (Nacey remix) - Mia


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This month's show we have an exclusive guestmix from Canada's Wakcutt

wakcutt's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Listen and download here...
The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - March 2011 (Guestmix by WakCutt) by Lebrosk on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Paid in full - Illegal Cookin
Just Expressin - Flow Dynamics
The Message (Jimi Needles Acid Jazz Cocktail) - Grandmaster Flash
Get stripey white teeth - Unknown
Release the Bassline - The Dogz Nadz
Hear ya say - Parker
Hotsteppa - Kool Kertz
Jucachavezxx - Funkanomics
Unknown - Unknown

***6 minute minimix - Lebrosk***
Available here - Lebrosk 6 MinUTe MiNiMix by Lebrosk on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Unknown - unknown
Beatem tough (Qdup Foundation remix) - Normski
Superstar (Woods n soo Future classic blend) - Unknown
Doc - A tribe called quest
Thriller (Funk Ferret remix) - Michael Jackson
Party People (Lebrosk mashup) - Danny Massue vs Alex Gopher
Blow Matata (Niko remix) - Prosper & BadboE
Fever - Unknown
Hello (Rhythm Scholar remix) - Martin Solveig
Disco Nights - DJ Hero
Stand up tall (DJ Angelo remix) - Dizee Rascal
Passed Out (DJ Detta remix) - Tine Tempah

WakCutt Guestmix
wakcutt's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

1. Wak Intro.
2. Rick James - Mary Jane.
3. Break Bread - No Other MC.
4. Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism).
5. House Of Pain - Who's The Man?
6. The Nextmen - File Under Truth.
7. Chali 2na - Comin' Thru.
8. DL Incognito - Audio Coke.
9. Hilltop Hoods - Classic Example.
10. The Gaff - Spread Love Is What We Need.
11. Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize.
12. The Alkaholiks - Flute Song (La La La).
13. Yan Zombie - Song For My Homies (You Are Champions).
14. Sharps w/ Mat The Alien - The Stag Yuck Beats.
15. Yan Zombie - Positive Contact Mash.
16. Knight Riderz - No Offence.
17. Bryx - Jaw Break.
18. GZA - Liquid Swords (Audited Beats Remix, w/ Attikus, w/ cuts by Wakcutt).
19. Vent - Guilty Pleasures.
20. I.R. Burial - That's Smart (Audited Beats Remix).
21. The Beatmpnkeys VS. N.W.A. - Hot Twan.
22. Dizzie Rascal - Sirens (Bezwun Banger Mix).
23. Featurecast - The Shaker.
24. Opiuo - Slip (Vent Remix).
25. Dr. Dre - The Next Episode (Jay Robinson Remix) Neon Steve Re- Rub.
26. Fat Pat & Wakcutt - Spagett! (Wakcutt Remix).
27. K Lab - Grimewarp.
28. Tony Fresch - Oh No Techno (Audited Beats Remix).
29. Ed Royal - Mission (Funkanomics Remix).
30. Hostage - Snake Charmer.
31. Emotionz - If You Down (Wakcutt Remix).
32. Figure - Bitches.
33. Bryx - Psycho Killa.
34. South Rakkas Crew feat. Serocee - So It Go (Mat The Alien Remix).
35. Johnny Global feat. Ragga Twins - Duppy Dat Riddim.
36. Chase & Status VS. Dizzie Rascal - Heavy.
37. Mensah - My Hard Drive Just Died.
38. FX Logic - Private Places (Mark Instinct Remix)


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With the closure of the Ramp FM radio station this month we're now continuing it as a blog where we'll be posting all the Ramp DJs shows and podcasts.

Come and check it out here!

Ramp Shows Twitter
Ramp Shows (@RampShows) sur Twitter

We currently have shows from:
Janette Slack
BadboE's Breakbeat Paradise Records artists
Rory Hoy
Rhino Soulsystem
AJ Manns
Dan Wilde
Chudy Funkosol (Tru:Funk)
Zenit Incompatible
Johnny Pluse & DJ Obese


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Check out this month's show with an Exclusive new guestmix from Manchester's Vibe's night host DJ Abrupt

Check out the Ramp Shows Blog for more shows and podcasts...
Ramp Shows

Download and listen here
The 'Funk Sessions' on the Ramp Shows Blog - November 2011 (Guestmix by Abrupt) by Lebrosk on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

I don't mean a mash - DJ Frogg
Helena Beat (Jimi Needles rerub) - Foster the People
Shoop Booty - The Funk Hunters
The Jump Off (Lil Kim vs Coppa) - Frekniq
Up in the game - Stickybuds
The Seed - The Roots
Hardcore Fan - DJ Vapor
Deadline - Dee & Kamy
Say No Go (Bobby C Sound TV remix) - De La Soul
Soul Man (DJ Twister edit) - Sam & Dave
Inferno - J Boogie
Slappa Da Bass - Bobby C Sound TV
Set it Off (Freqnik remix) - Big Daddy Kane
I came to get down - T. Rice
Lets go back (Solomum remix) - Kraak & Smaak
Sutvin Blvd (Loose Canons remix) - Blood Orange
Venus as a boy (Parker remix) - Bjork
Midnight in a perfect world - Unknown

Abrupt guestmix...
Abrupt's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Greg Nice+Biggie - Machine Gun Funk(Set it Off) (Abrupt's Block2Block Mash)
Quasamodo & Grandmaster Flash - The Message....Funk Off (Abrupt Mash up)
Mr Benn vs The Jungle Bros - Play On Longtime (DJ Cut La Vis Mash up)
Farm Fresh Sound System - roots once again (hidden riddim remix)
Kolab - Killin Time (K+Lab's Vibe Up Remix)
Daigo - Faithful 900 Number
illegal Cookin - O.P.P. Banger (Featurecast Re-Beef)
Danny Byrd - Red Mist (Featurecast Remix)
Stickybuds - Eat A Porkchop
Jay-Z and Kanye West - Otis (A.Skillz Remix)
J-Roc - Nickelodeon
Funk Moguls - Here Come The Funksteppers
Nick Thayer vs Will Styles - Flat Top
Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (HeavyFeet vs. Nick Thayer Bootleg)
Kris Kross - Jump (gramophonedzie Oldskul edit)
Kitten & The Hip - Don't You Worry (Nathan C Remix)
Lee Mortimer vs M&S - Booty Nugget (D-Funk & Some DJ Re Rub)
Aloe Blacc - I need Dollar (Zinc mix Mooqee Rub up)

(Download link)
rampfm mix.mp3
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Check out my latest promo mix for this winter featuring house, breaks, moombah and dubstep!


For bookings please contact:

Intro - Lebrosk
Take a Stance - The Breakbeat Junkie
Peurto Rico (Naki Strenac Moombahton remix) - Daniel Haaksman
KRS Moombahton - Dave Nada
How you like me now (Wick-it Moombahton remix) - Unknown
I can't Stop (Vocal edit) - DJ Daigo
When Friend's Survive (Eats everything rework) (Lebrosk Missy rerub) - Paper Crows
Helix (Don Diablo remix) - Justice
Light is Everything - Bobby C Sound TV
Cassa Forte - Fare Soldi
These Spoons - Some DJ
Feel It - Scuba
Purple Haze (DJ Ark remix) - Benny Bennasi vs Jimi Hendrix
So Intense (Fare Soldi remix) - Gigamesh
Together (Napt Bootleg remix) - Thomas Bangalter
Aerodynamic (Specimen A & James D'Ley remix) - Daft Punk
Doggy Mash - Calvertron
Love Bounce Parade - Da Hool
Gangster Trippin (Adsorb breaks edit) - Fatboy Slim vs Lazy Rich
Ya Mama (Push the tempo) - Fatboy Slim vs Moguai
I need a dollar (Zinc mix Mooqee rub) - Aloe Blac
Woo Boost - Dan Wilde
I love you so (Tambour Battant remix) - Cassius

Check out the Ramp Shows Blog here...
Ramp Shows


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My last show of 2011 for the Ramp Shows Blog! Starting funky and picking things up towards the end with some club style tracks for the dancefloors. Massive thanks to all the listeners of the show and look forward to bringing you more mixes and shows in 2012 !!!!!

Check out the Ramp Shows Blog
Ramp Shows

Follow the Ramp Shows Blog on Twitter!


**If you have time, please leave a comment!**

Don't sweat the technique - Freqnik & WDRE
How Gee - Black Machine
Weedee Funk - Kid Panel & Blade
Smoke Weed Everyday (Smyle remix) - Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg
Drop the bomb - WBBL
How you like me now (Wick-it Moombahton remix) - Wickit the Investigator
Back in Black (Kovary Moombahton remix) - ACDC
I Got 5 on it (Daims & ChriSupreme MoomBAYton) - Unknown
Mord Fistang - J-Roc
Robo Power (Philly Blunt nash) - Opiou vs Snap
Phenomenon (Zenit Incompatible remix) - LLCoolJ
The Market Street Hustle - Johnny Pluse
Sexymuthaflapper - Jem Stone
Peace Frog (The Captain Remix) - The Doors
Bust It - Pecoe
Walking on the Sun (Featuring The Root Sellers) - Timothy Wisdom & The Funk Hunters
This is India (Owg mix) - Sansura
Un Gentilhomme a Paris - The Gemini Bros
Gold Dust (Toddy Trix remix) - DJ Fresh
Worldwide (Fukkk Offf Remix) - Fukkk Offf
Cool (Kid Panel Re-Rub) - Roodmusic
If you came to party (Peo de Pitte) - Tony Senghore
Everybody needs a 303 (Sonny Wharton remix) - Fatboy Slim
In Between - Makoto
Thrillingly Close Contact - Stereo:Type
Can't Tell Me Nuthin (GRIZ remix)
Flavorhythm - DCarls
Ugly Lovely (My 9mm Goes Bang! Remix) - KRS One
Keep Me Down - Makoto
Work it Out - Unknown

Facebook page:
Lebrosk | Facebook


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Check out this month's show (slightly later than planned!) with new ones from the Funk Ferret, Tremendo Records and a tasty little DJ Shadow bootleg towards the end.

You can find more shows on the Ramp Shows Blog here...
Ramp Shows


Chief Rocka - Freqnik & WDRE
Diggin' Ray Charles - Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx vs Chiddy Bang
Istambool - Mynfus Corporation
Another one bitest this way - DJ Y Alias JY
Me myself and I (Copycat slight re-edit) - De La Soul
Attack Joint - Wood 'n' Soo
106 Miles - Van Tek
Breakin' a Sweat (Daigo remix) - Skrillex
Still California (Wick-it Moombahton remix) - Dr, Dre
The Sound of Violence - Daigo
Pushin' Forward (Nick Fonkynson remix) - Funk Ferret & Imagine This
Ice Ice Baby (Van Tek remix) - Vanilla Ice
Mein Schatzi - Munk & Princess Supersar
It's a Shame - Funk You Very Much
Holy Ghost - Sharem Jey & Tom Breu
A Journey into Funk - The Breakbeat Junkie
Coma Cat (Stanton Warriorrs Re Bump) - Tensnake
Anthology - Krafty Kuts vs Wolfgang Gartner
I Get High (Mooqee B-Breaks ReRub) - Hostage
Clash - Caravan Palace
Icarus - Madeon
Midnight in a Perfect World (Magnafide D&B bootleg) - DJ Shadow
I feel good - Michmash

Ramp Shows (@RampShows) on Twitter


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Check out my club mix for Spring 2012 featuring Nuskool Breaks, Electro House, Moombah & Dubstep !!!



End of Love (Original mix) - Jack Beats
I Get High (Mooqee B-Breaks rerub) - Hostage
Charlie (Skurk remix) - Prodigy
Apache Power (Slyde rerub) - Kanye
Meeting Point (Shades of Rhythm remix) - Drumattic Twins
Ayo vs Trantula - Slyde ReBoot
What can you do for me (Herve's Speaker Junk remix) - Utah Saints
Shake It (Lebrosk mashup) - Kid Panel vs Wahoo
That your girl (Skeet Skeet remix) - Mattie Safer
212 (Ft. Lazy Jay) - Azealia Banks
Pushin' Forward (Nick Fonkynson remix) - Funk Ferret & Imagine This
Get Me Out (Spenda C remix) - Aquasky
Getting Dumb - Spenda C
Breakin' a Sweat (Daigo remix) - Skrillex
Future Sound - Loo & Placido

Find out more info on Lebrosk here.......
Lebrosk | Facebook
Lebrosk (@Lebrosk) on Twitter
Ramp Shows
Lebrosk | Mixcloud - Re-think radio


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Welcome to my 36th show which means this is officially 3 years of dong the Funk Sessions Show !!!

DELimentary joins me in celebrating my shows for Ramp FM and the Ramp Shows Blog with an EXCLUSIVE new guestmix for your listening pleasure.

DJ Delimentary
DELimentary's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free


Lebrosk tracklist...
Dancin Machine - Rollomatik
Movin to the funky beat - Chudy
Wrap It - Rollomatik
What's Good? - Featurecast
Choose Me (P.O.D.G.E remix) - Xilent
Cold as Ice (A Skillz vs Nick Thayer remix) - Foreigner
Block Rockin Beats (Sketi reafix) - Chemical Brothers
Move you fresh - Nynfus Corporation
Blackbeard's Delight - Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP
Hypnotoad - Synthetic Hype
Beat Dun Drop (Stnton Warriors remix) - Machine Don't Care
End of Love - Jack Beats
Meeting Point (Shades of Rhythm remix) - Drumattic Twins
Lick the Scratch - Elite Force
Total Hip Hop Recall - Jimi Needles

Delimentary tracklist...
DJ Fresh ‘Louder’
Fatboy Slim ‘Wonderful night’
Vokab Kompany ‘Know Me Now’ love and light mix
Box Rocket Avalanche ‘Psychiatrist’
Griz ‘iLL Type Moves’ Some DJ ReRub
DELimentary 'Wak Wak'
Dr dre ft Snoop dogg ‘Smoke weed everyday’ SMYLE mix
Skibadee ‘Tika Toc’
Benny Benassi ‘Cinema’ Skrillex remix - Some DJ move around
Ugly Duckling ‘Turn It Up’ (Kool Hertz’s gimme a tequila edit)
Adele ‘Rollin in the deep’ acapella
Adele ‘Rolling in the deep’ Marty Party mix
Moody Scott Outta the ghetto
A.D.O.R. ‘Renegade Master’
Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ Psymbionic mix
Limp Bizkit ‘Rollin’
DJ Wood ‘Bionic Slam’
ACDC ‘Back in black’ Kovary moombahton bootleg
DJ Rudd ‘Dance tonight’
LL Cool J ‘Mama said knock you out’
DELimentary 'Ibiza Re-Raved Weapon 1'
DELimentary 'Ibiza Re-Raved Weapon 3'
DJ Fresh ‘Gold dust’ Toddy Trix mix
Hardknox ‘Fire Like This’
Will Smith ‘Boom shake the room’
Chemical Brothers ‘Loops of fury’
Basement Freaks 'Get Ready' DELimentary mix
Daft Punk ‘Burnin’
Labrinth ‘Earthquake’
Cataracs ‘Bass Down Low’ Proper Villains mix
Fatboy Slim ‘Wonderful night’
Dizzee Rascal ‘Dirtee cash’ Subfocus mix
Ronnie Hazelhurst ‘Only fools & horses’

Check out more shows and podcasts from all the Ramp Crew here:
Ramp Shows
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