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Leaving for the West Coast - EVERYTHING MUST GO !


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Leaving for the West Coast...

As many people do, my friend has decided to move to the West Coast. He also found that it is cheaper to sell his your stuff than pay for it to be moved. He also found a furnished room for when he gets there.

As a good friend I told him I would give him a hand trying to sell his stuff. So good ‘ol Tribe came to mind. All things are in good working condition. Of course obo is in full effect.

If you would like any of these items please give him an email as he will be leaving April 10th.
Email Jay at jasons (at) review (dot) com

Zenith – 27” TV (Good as New)
Bought 2 years ago for $500. Willing to part with for $150

VCR – with Remote
Asking $20

TV Stand (minus VCR & PS2)
Bought 6 months ago. Fits 27” TV, asking $50

Single Bed (Box spring, Mattress, and Frame)
6ft x 3.5ft – Asking $50

Queen Bed – Serta with PillowFil (Box spring, Mattress)
Bought new 2 years ago for $550 – asking $150

2 book shelves – 6ft x 3 ft
Asking $30 or $50 for both

Book Shelf – 8ft x 3ft
Asking $30

Citizen 12” TV – with remote
Asking $25
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room