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Le Weekend Tread


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weekend is just about here...so good.

tomorrow: work, then off to the Woodman's place for a night of hockey, xbox, and treats...in no particular order...

Saturday: Droppin' the Woodman off at the airport, then off to Hockley Valley for a day of snowblading...hopefully spending time with a great friend on saturday night...

Sunday: nothin' planned...waking up will be first priority.

Notorious T.O.B'
Friday - Yoga then birthday party (hopefully squeezing a period or two of the leafs/flyers)

Saturday - Spinclass then work the dinner w/ mcbee's family then SFA (AKA Leafs/Flyers game)

Sunday - Yoga then out for breakfast then home show then gym then tasty dinner and SFA!
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Tonight - Relax and maybe tidy up my place
Friday - No clue, but hopefully something fun
Saturday - Boarding @ Blue?
Sunday - Boarding @ Blue?
Friday: Montreal to see Infected Mushroom at ARIA WOOWOO!
Saturday: *maybe* see Infected Mushroom/rank1 @ the Crappy guvernment. *maybe* the Zen Lounge for some psy-trance
Weekend with my little nephew! I'm super excited! ROM during the day Saturday, then Monster Jam! Probably hit the science center on Sunday too, and maybe take him to Shred Central for a bit of skateboarding.

I can't wait!!!!!:D :)
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Friday - Leafs/Flyers
Saturday - Leafs/Flyers
Sunday - Skate with the Maple Leafs @ the ACC!

Plus there's a hot date in there somewhere.
Originally posted by kmac
Nothing. How sad.

well, then a big ole bag of sad.

<---going on 4th weekend of nothing. alot of housecleaning projects I never ever would have started are done though.

we can be pathetic together. It's OK.
Hopefully I'll be incorporating the Leafs/Flyers game into my plans for Saturday night, which shouldn't be hard given my company...maybe some foota ball watchin on sunday.
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I am with you guys there - I have no plans - chilling sleeping renting movies kinky phone talk - thats it thats all - saving some coin
Originally posted by Indian Girl

we can be pathetic together. It's OK.

I'm OK, you're OK.

I haven't been out "out" since I got together with you. Saving money and detoxing and all that jazz.
Fri: Work

Sat Morning: Work
Sat Night: Post Boarding Party

Sun: who cares

Friday: Nothing (on-call for work)
Saturday: Dinner @ a friends then early night.
Sunday: London to visit my Mom

First weekend not DJing in a few weeks. . . whew!

Very exciting weekend :D

-ian g.
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Friday: At classes and rehearsal from 9am-11pm
Sat: At workshop and rehearsal from 9am-10pm
Sun: At rehearsal 11am-7pm,

Super heavy weekend for me but at least I get to end it relaxing with a hottie Sunday night. yay! :)

P.S. Lysistrata, since you asked that we infrom you of all plays etc, it's called "Fefu and Her Friends". It's a wicked play with 8 women and it runs January 26-February 6 at the Helen Phelan Gardner Playhouse. 79 St. George. I'm stage managing this one, not acting.

Everyone is invited! :D

Fri: I'm staying home and relaxing I wish I was going to system to get my dose of breaks, but I'm short on cash and just can't fit it in my budget

Sat: Da Leafs baby and drinking a lot of beer and go home

Sun: Football Mofo

It's pretty much a chilled weekend for me.
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