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LCD TV Stand/Mount


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Recommend one for a 40"

I originally wanted to mount it on the wall, but don't want to bust holes in them anymore. I'd like something along the lines of this one:

But something a bit skinner and sleeker.


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I've got my TV on my floor. Viewing angle is just fine... I'm thinking of adding a shelf on top to put flowers and stuff.. It seems to be the perfect height for that... almost the same height as a picture rail.


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There is often one at Costco that is similar to the first one pictured. Its not a regularly stocked item but when its in, its under $300.
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those tv stands are fine if you are living in space, as they will match your other nasa themed decor.


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google BDI usa.

you're welcome.
I concur! I bought a BDI 9960 for my TV a few years ago to avoid the whole "holes in the wall problem" and it allows me to move the TV if I choose to.

They are not the cheapest stands, but when you put it together, you will realize that the money spent has gone towards a sturdy, well-manufactured product.



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Not to be shitty but stand pictures always/only look good because they don't show the fucking mess of wires coming out the back of them
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