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LCD Soundsystem @ ACC ...Dec 3/2017


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they closed down the upper upper bowls...good idea. They tried to keep it more intimate.
Massey Hall would have been better.
Opened with Hey Baby...brilliant opening. Cue fucking massive disco ball.
Super fun set.
  • Oh Baby
  • Yr City's a Sucker
  • I Can Change
  • Call The Police
  • Get Innocuous!
  • You Wanted a Hit
  • Tribulations
  • Movement
  • Someone Great
  • Tonite
  • Home
  • Change Yr Mind
  • Emotional Haircut
  • Dance Yrself Clean
  • All My Friends
Not nearly as fun as their 2016 Wayhome set outdoors, even with the new songs.
Really glad James didn't completely throw in the towel after the NYC MSG concert...the new album is Fantastic, and the songs he did from it really did come off well live.
You'll see from the video i yanked, i was stage left, 2 rows up. Sound was fantastic, and sightlines were perfect.
Sorry for the somewhat shakey video...drinkey + people dancing their asses off around me = shakes video.
Tough to try and document a concert when all you want to do is dance your ass off.

photos and video to follow in the morning.
Wayhome was 9.5/10.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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can everyone see that video ?
even people not on FB...because that's where i'm sharing it from, and now i'm seeing
( Unavailable, This video can't be embedded.)
Been doing it off my FB page forever. Not sure what's going on.


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Thanks for the review. I really wanted to hit this show!

I think FB may have changed their terms for videos. I’m not on the site and haven’t been able to see any linked videos posted via the platform for some time. I always just toss them up on YouTube.
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