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LCBO Strike and Justin Bieber's Comment at Anne Frank's (former) place


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This topic came up at work.

While I was flipping the paper I thought I saw a May 17 something about a "strike" at the LCBO. It sat in my subconscious because...

A Chinese lady gave me some spicy bean sauce and these peanuts that you can buy, at Pacific mall and here in Canada, we bantered, as much as one can make humour about thermoplastic polyurethane sales... Hey, makes your blackberry, your iphone case, and your Lexus feel and look like leather... I sold you that shit, bitch (jesse pinkman)

But, what's this nonsense about a strike at the LCBO? Stock boys getting upset about their pay? Cashiers tired of calling cops on me?

Hey hey hey, there's nothing worth authenticating when a bunch of button pushers and box breakers feel entitled;

HEY! What's this, "LCBO is striking"? Striking from what exactly? Not selling us government monopolized booze?

Alright then, strike already. First of all, Northern Ontario will have it's way with your stores.

In the more gentile areas, we'll find ways to obsolete this backwards no mans' crap of a "retail" outlet.