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Lazy Daze!!!!!


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Just got back a bit early...

Sage, you threw a sweet afternoon jam, everyone was having a great time!

Fun grooves, great way to send off the long weekend!

Tons of people and smiles!


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umm... to those who were in attendance... please excuse some of my uh... complications. Sunday night was messy and I was feeling the after effects of it this afternoon.

BUT... I did have a fantastic time today and thought the music was pretty damn good for a Monday afternoon.

it's too bad Lunnen arrived a little behind schedule as we didn't get a chance to play together but his set was pretty dope. it was nice to have Flippy to go back to back with for the last thirty minutes of my set.

there are fireworks going on outside my place... I'm going to take a look.

thanks to Sage for taking care of me this afternoon and to Nick and Toby for the conversation.


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Sage man... holy shit! That was awesome.
Great to see so many people, Val... I will try what you taught me when I am sober, cuz right now, it ain't working so well - so nice to see you.

Great evening out for sure!
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well I know it's tacky to review your own event but whatever. I had a wicked time and I just got home. pretty sure my foot is sprained but whatever............thanks to seans ridiculous state I got to throw down some and I'm happy.

all I can say right now is no doubt one of the best djs in Tdot doesn't play enough......................Baby Joel. dude murdered. question how can you run a club and never book yourself? dude is inspiring.

whatever I need to ice my ankle.

holy crap shit ain't straight right now...................vinder was there what?


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after several failed attempts at going to lazydaze (this seems like the first one in awhile when it hasn't been raining!) i'm glad i finally got there.

intimate little setting made for a cozy feel, and it was great to see all those familiar faces as well as finally meet some new ones (DIWC, Thumpr, Sacha, Noodle).

good times! looking forward to warm sunny days (get here already!) when the patio can be better appreciated.
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We pulled the early shift for Lazy Daze this time as I had another commitment to get to later in the evening. Disappointed we didn't get to see Sean aka DJ Sofathrow, but it was great to catch up with some peeps we hadn't seen in a while. Another great LD event.


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Mrs Pink: you ARE my rock'n'roll hero.

i feel so dirty this morning.
i had too much fun this weekend.
Lazy Daze was a perfect way to break it down one time.

Baby Joel Smye was on FIRE. seriously. but i think someone put it out with some beers. eh?

Yay Victoria!
and YAY GLEESON! that guy's got a smile that just won't quit. :)
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What a killer afternoon...

Thanks to Sage for yet again putting together a solid dj lineup, and for working his ass off to make sure things get goin' on time. Also a big thanks to Vench, Joel, Lunnen & Crawford for playing solid sets...great to hear their unique styles in the lazydaze environment...and as rumour has it, flipside dropped a track here and there (thanks for the great conversation and jokes nat;))

To those who were there, you knew how much damn fun that was...TONS of people passin' by on dundas street, noticin' this little jam goin' on, as the front patio was hustlin' all afternoon.

What a way to end the long weekend:)


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I was disappointed to miss Sean and Lunnen in their respective states of inebriation but we got there toooo early, and I knew if I stayed any later today would be hurt - a lot.
I await pictures.


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baby joel kicked ass!

i've been missing these sunday / holiday monday afternoon jams! it was absolutely wonderful to hit one up yesterday. i'm hoping this is a sign of more to come. :)


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probably the most fun I've had without a beer in my hand since I can remember. I was somewhat relieved that the weather was a little chilly which ensured plenty of smoke free fun indoors. ;)

plenty of great tunes. it was rediculously loud inside - nearly impossible to carry a conversation - so I just danced.

I made a deal with Gleeson that he could have my portion of beersth as long as he also took on my alter ego - Drunk Cori. He got the beligerant part ok, but lacked seriously in the spilling of drinks and knocking over tables category.

A great day over all - even got to see a couple of faces I've missed terribly and haven't seen in too long *wink* - so glad you made it out. xo

I <3 Joel
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Fun times! :) We only stayed for a short time, but we were able to down a few beers before we rode off (not bringing the bike next time....freezzzzzing!)
It was great to see many familiar faces on the patio, and it was fun inside the bar....lights WOW!! Music was awesome of course. Looking forward to the next one off this summer!
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