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Layers is makin moves!

Alvaro G

New Member
I would like to thank Benjamin Boles for a very nice write up in Now Magizine, on the Layers jam last week.

Layers consistent

"The monthly Layers party last Friday at Tangerine was a good time, as usual, filling the club with partiers and keeping them on the dance floor. Musically, Layers focuses primarily on house but veers into the roots of dance music as well, touching on disco and funk along with other tangents. Until now, local talents have provided the sound, but Layers has an out-of-town guest coming in for their next event – NYC''s Mr. V , a protege of Little Louie Vega, who''ll be making his first Toronto appearance January 23 at Bauhaus .

If you''re into some club classics along with your contemporary deep house, check out Layers'' next jam." -Benjamin Boles
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