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lay flat to dry?? do i have to or is there another way


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what happens if i put a shirt like this in the dyer on air dry for a bit to speed up the process. I let it sit out all day today and its still not dry

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if its cheap, drier it for 7 minutes and then rest on a big ol towel

ifs its not, well I wouldn't know!


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Do dry cleaning if you want to be safe.

But air dry won't ruin most stuff. I've learned from experience that heat can ruin lots of stuff. ;)

Cheers ... Ian :)


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LOL you sound like me...

99% of my clothes are dry clean only and most are wool.

DO NOT AIR DRY if you are worried about shrinkage. You get these strange parts rippling...

if it's a synthetic material and no chance of shrinkage.... air dry away...
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