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laurent garnier extended set


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guys, help me break ian's balls until he brings him in for a very special fukhouse. after all, he is his favourite dj. :)


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Well, if Garnier is Ian's favourite DJ, and since Garnier hasn't been to TO for a good while, and since Garnier is (one of) my favourite DJ(s), and since I've never seen him, I think Ian is obligated to bring Laurent Garnier here for an 8 hr extended set of whatever Laurent feels like playing. Wouldn't you agree, Ian?



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fear of flying hasn't stopped him before. i know he cut down on his bookings because he was concerned about his hearing.

i would kill to hear laurent rock system from midnight to 7am... and mr. guthrie could open the night.

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ian should throw an 'invite' only party for the heads...

... and have laurent play for us via webcam.



hell... would could even make s'mores !


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Ya Garnier @ System for a 3 Hr set and Kenny Glasgow opening for him and tech-house type dj before that....