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LAURENT GARNIER at the TRIBE Anniversary Party




hands down, the best performance i've ever seen - nothing else compares to the style of the Laurent Garnier posse....the saxophonist working alongside a keyboardist and Garnier churned out pure gold for 2 solid hours.

tommy smalls


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This is all I can say about what I just witnessed:

Sleepy time now ... mebbe more tomorrow.

-- Jay aka Fut


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i have never seen anything...*ANYTHING* like that before.
it was just absolutely amazing...
i just could not resist myself from dancing and got soaked despite of the cold that i have...
i had an amazing time..
i am glad that i made it

it was great to see wonderful tribe people there too..and yes! nice to meet you to a beautiful ladie, naomi...really nice to meet you! *huggle*



gotta take a good shower and rest for tomorrow's show at tonic...i shall not miss it

Smiley Jo

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Well, for something that was such a last minute decision for me, i'm certainly glad I was able to see this spectacular show at Turbo last night!
Walking into the club, I could tell we were all in store for something pretty intense. The area in front of the DJ booth was a big stage, and there were keyboards and instruments and oh SO much gear! Bet all that shit was worth mad cash. Tim Patrick was spinning, but it wasn't his usual stuff. It was almost as though he was providing some stylish background music for the crowd. You could actually hear the buzz of chatter over the music, and the excitment in people's voices.
Laurent Garnier started a bit on the late side, but as soon as he came onstage, the club was filled with the most amazing variety of sounds. All most people could do was sort of stand in awe.
I don't think Turbo has ever heard anything like this. The music in his performance ranged from melodic and uplifting, to dark and bassey, from slow and spacey, to more hard beats. The live instruments including the sax, sounded brilliant.
Although I wasn't able to stay for the entire performance, what I saw made me understand what all the hype was about.
Nice to see to many people out too, even though the club was far from full.
In a word, fabulous!

Joanna ---> wishing she had gotten a bit more sleep. Sigh....
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Six and a half hours later and I'm still tingling from the show. That was the best live performance I have ever witnessed. Laurent Garnier and crew created a sound that combined chugging basslines with the saxophone, ambient with dark beats, first singly and then all together - blending into the most natural way. Standing up front and center the rest of the club slipped away - it was just me and LG, baby.

Four years since the Land of Milk and Honey, four years of pleading for the return of my musical version of GOD. Respect to LifeForce for answering my prayers. Last night was probably the best night I have ever experienced at Turbo.


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Definitely a great PA performance. I'm usually not big on them but I thought this one was excellent.

A really solid show, great tracks. I thought the sound quality was phenominal, I don't think I've heard the Turbo sound system sound so good.

Great night out.



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great to hear that it was amazing.

does this mean i'll have to wait another 4 years to witness this?



"share what you know, learn what you don't."


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Smiley Jo, I agree that all most people could do is stand in awe--personally I would have preferred to be dancing.

Unfortunately, the music didn't move me. It certainly was a pleasure to watch and listen too, truly like nothing i've ever seen before. I could tell they rehearsed the living daylights out of the PA, as Laurent would continually make conductor-like hand gestures toward the other members of the band indicating they should make adjustments on the fly. Top notch job on the KAOs pad, too. So why, you might ask, were so many people "standing in awe" rather than "dancing madly"? I don't know, but i've been to my share of Jazz and electronica gigs that invoke a similar audience response. Deeper bass please, Mr Garnier. More funk please. You can't expect people to survive all night on a diet of Crispy Bacon and Flashback--the two great Garnier tracks that they are. Come on...the noodling sax is entertaining but clearly it needs more low-end substance to get people moving. Anyway, of the 10 people I talked to at the show opinion varied from "living God Garnier" to "Kenny G(arnier)".


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Originally posted by coleridge:
I thought the sound quality was phenominal, I don't think I've heard the Turbo sound system sound so good.

Great night out.

Well I'm gonna hve to agree that last night was one of the best shows that I have ever been lucky enough to witness

As for the sound quality being better than the norm at turbo, that prolly has something to do with the over $200,000 worth of gear, amps and speakers with him

Astroboy out...
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Astroboy - can you confirm that was his own rig (sound, etc.)? Because that was the first thing i noticed when i came in was the sound was soooooooo much better.

What's the deal with Turbo anyway?? How come their soundsystem is worse than the travelling Garnier crew?? Either they need to upgrade, or get a sound engineer to straighten their setup. The sound was sooooo clear and crisp last night - the house system probably would have killed some eardrums during those sax solos...


....one of the many highlights on the evening...during the first encore, the crazy looping track ending with the words respect......respect....respect......RESPECT!

who says techno has no soul?

tommy smalls <---- still totally blown away, 10 hours later


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Actually, most of the gear that Laurent brought with him were computers, synthesizers, and visual equipment.

We did add little bit of extra sound and more monitors, otherwise it was the same sound system as usual.

I would give the credit of the improved sound quality to the fact that there was a professional sound engineer monitoring and adjusting the levels constantly during his performance.


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What a fun night, I was frezzing, hungry, tired and I had to deal with N'SYNC's car getting towed! All in all it was a very exciting evening.
I love it when we bring a special guest cause I get to see the folks I never get a chance to see, it's always nice to have a quick catch-up!
The music was great and people were nice, those two things can make a night for me, so thanks to all the nice people who were in my line, your fantastic!

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I'm still buzzed from the music I hear last night, even after a hard days work with almost no sleep. Matter of fact, thats whats been keeping me going all day long. I was truly inspired by Laurent Garnier and his crew. I can't say that baout many performances..I think there have been maybe 9 others in my life that have brought me to the places the music did last night.

The sound: I think its what Tyler said: A professional soundman does wonders. That and not having sme bugged out DJ constantly upping the levels to the point of bleed and distortion. Which begs the question: Tyler, when will you hire a real soundman for Turbo? because as last night demonstarted (and I already knew) the system itself is entirely capable of delivering pure, clean beautiful sound.

BTW: For the price I paid last night (15 in advance) I got more than my moneys worth, especially considering what it must cost to bring in an act like Garnier (him, his crew, his soundman, his gear) on top of the usual organizational costs of a club night. Props to Turbo for a job well done.

I missed all the TBK that was there...which kinda sucks cause it would've been so nice to meet you people. On the other hand I ran into some people I haven't seen in ages. I don't care what ever else is going on in our scene, so long as there's wonderful music like last night still happening, its all worth it. Seeing some of my fellow jaded scenesters last night just getting totaly into it confirmed this for me 100%. Music is the key. Techno can have a soul (though to me it usually has its own SPIRIT, something no other kind of music does)

Gera I spotted and heard: Korg Kaoss Pad, Juno 106, Yamaha AN1-X, a 303 and a 606, MOTU digital mixer, MOTU FX racks. (MOTU=incredible equipment) I'm just guessing on most of it since it was hard to see the gear clearly enough to ID most of it. Anyone else care to contribute to this list with their own guesses? Confirm or deny anything? I'm just curious about it since that system is obviously the benchmark to aim for in multi-person LIVE PA performances, and its good to know what to aim for (especially when your production partner/best friend draws a dotcom President/CTOs wage and says yeseverythingyes to good gear suggestions)

peace n' respect

Jay<---gonna make tracks now


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WOW What a night Like hello?

Well, it was a chilly night but that is to be expected in Mid-November. To all those girls who stand in line in their pretty little shirts rubbing their arms up and down because they are cold waiting to get in - you are not
. Can't you see that people laugh at you? Fuck, it's only $2 for coat check and you'll be much warmer. Also, what is with the people talking on their "celly's" right beside the speaker?. Like Hello? go to the washroom or something. Duh!

Got there around 11:30-ish. The club was kinda "empty". I was a little confused as to why the masses weren't representing. Like Smiley Jo said, Tim Patrick was providing a more laid back sound. I guess that was in anticipation of Mr. Garnier. Did anyone see the guy in the white tank top with a ball cap and jeans on the dancefloor when nobody else was dancing? He was rinsing out propper and didn't care if everyone else was too cool to get that party started. I love seeing people like that. That is when you know that they are there for the music and not the drugs. The way it should be.

As soon as I arrived at the venue I had a feeling I was in for a show, and did I ever get a show. Yes, I am talking about the stage set-up. O.K. so Mr. Garnier hits the decks at whatever time. After spending some time at the bar I make my way to the front. I think it was in the early part of his set where he had some dood on a motorcycle rinsin' out at speeds of 180km +. That was pretty cool. Visualizing that back screen and the freaky/cool things it kept displaying to the hard sounds of Mr. Garnier and assosciates was stellar. The saxophonists and the other guy were both on point with Mr. Garnier. I think that it was pretty cool of Mr. Garnier to give props to those two guys at the end of his show. He said their names to the crowd and the crowd responded with thunderous claps. Like hello? Maybe Green Velvet should try that sometimes whenever he performs with the Misfits. I have yet to see it. O.K., so Mr. Garnier performed an excellent live show. Now let's move onto the venue.

The Venue - Well, I don't think I have ever seen Turbo done up so nicely before. The lighting was very intelligent to say the least. The projectors at the back bars illuminated beautiful images in the area just in front of the vip area on the main floor. Another projector located at the left bar facing the dj displayed very freaky visuals. Like a mother giving birth for example. Like hello? Can you say mad trips?. The lighting system reflecting off of the crystal balls in the middle of the dancefloor was pretty :wicked:.

Now let's move onto who was sponsoring this very special occassion at Turbo. That's right "Benson and Hedges".
. Can you say major corporations taking over our scene? Like WTF???. I was pretty ticked off when I saw that. Yeah, like Benson and Hedges knows anything about Mr. Garnier. Pfft Whatever!!!

Now let's move onto that lady who had a big *grin* on her face the whole night - that's right, my friend LibraD. Like, I don't think I have seen her that happy in all the times we have been partying. She was happy at Industry "Shutdown" but she was HAPPY on this *special* night. It made me happy that my friend was happy. She had a great time. She was truly absorbing this special occassion - Finally her favourite dj has COME BACK ........... to Toronto. Mr. Garnier is to LibraD what Danny Tenaglia, Jason Edwards, HALO, and Barry Weaver are to me. You're hardcore girl and I love ya. Call me k? *muah*

Downfall of the night ... like did anyone ever go to the bank machine on this *special* night? Well, so I go there and I am making my withdrawl and stuff and I just turn around and there was this dood who I think was trying to get my pin. He was some dood with a straw cowboy hat and a ponytail. Did anyone see him? So like I said, I turn around and he suddenly takes two steps back and quickly turns his head. I wasn't sure as he was very quick. So like, I do my business and stuff and I hang out near the area to see if this guy was doing it to other people. He was pretending to keep his eye on the entrance to the club like he was "waiting" for his friends. So I do the right thing and tell security to keep an eye on him. They did and got back to me. The security said he was just sitting on stairs for a while. Like who knows? I wasn't sure so I couldn't say anything. Like WTF? I see him later in the night and he is by himself still after 1.5 hours after the incedent. I guess his "friends" didn't show up. Hey dood, if you're on reading this here is a big *FUCK YOU* if you were up to something. If you were I'd sure like to give you a piece of my mind

Yeah so ... this *special* night was very
. I have seen live performances before but nothing like this. I was truly educated.

Props to Lifeforce for putting on a :wicked: night.